Occomore Family

My family has been traced back to Great Durnford in Wiltshire with the baptism of William, son of William OCKERAM 1652, and the baptisim of George, son of Christopher OKERUM in 1646.

I have now found two other family groups with the same surname. The first group come from Martock in Somerset where there are members of the OCKRAM family. They seem to have thrived from 1570's to the 1690's before fading away.
The other family group are OCKRUM who were living in the Southwark area of London around 1640's to the 1680's before they too faded from the records. Of course it is possible that members of this family were victims of the Great Plague of 1665-66. So far I have not been able to find any other family groups with simular spelling of the surname and so speculate that we are related in some way.

Great Durnford lies just to the south of the A303 at Amesbury and Martock lies just north of the same road . This ancient east west route may hold the key, as it is possible that an Ockram travelled east from Martock and settled in Durnford and an Ockrum continued from there to London I would suggest that the Civil War may have been the catalyst that caused this movement as large numbers of men of both armies were moving around the country.

I know that to have traced an agricultural  family back to these dates is probably all that can be now be realistically expected, but I would appreciate if any member can help with any details of birth and death dates of the Martock Ockram family or any other information that may be of help with my research into this possible connection.

If you have any further information, please contact David Occomore