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Tuesday 27th June - 6 pm

Gawbridge Mill on the River Parrett between Martock and Kingsbury Episcopi
A large mill complex still with its undershot water wheel and flagstone lined sump. Full of interest, and keen and knowledgeable owners too.
The Wheelhouse is on the Coat to East Lambrook road.
Please share cars if possible as roadside parking is limited.
Admission £3, members free.
Location map

All welcome to attend, members free, non members £3

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Martock fire brigade photos
Views from Martock church tower
Links page update The know your place map is worth a look.
Martock businesses Only Paulls and Hebditch at present. If you have any images we would be interested.
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The Martock Local History Group

We are based in Martock, Somerset and meet monthly for lectures on local historical topics. We also carry out research into the history of Martock, its inhabitants and local archaeology.

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