North Street Houses

Kebab place

(was DIY shop) where Mark Berzins born.

Marwin Close

Jack Boon once said, as he was planning Marwin Close (he bought the land from Big Dick’s father) !If they want cheap houses, then I’ll give them cheap houses”. Boon started off as attendant at Yeovil Livestock Market, sweeping out etc. He would buy any unsold animals at market, and sell when the price was better.

Moorlands House

Built by the Chaffeys? Lived in by the Bradford family in the late 19th and early 20th cenury. The Bradords were from Thorney and were coal merchants, This business grew and became a Builders Merchants, still run by the family today.

Quantock House

Was a department store in Mr Quantock’s time. The roof was made to slope unattractively before Connie Chudleigh owned it. The roof lifted off and landed in the rear car park in 1991 (1989?), all related to me by Connie.

Red brick house

Opposite Steppes Crescent turning was occupied by Lydia Marks. Joseph Yandle has 2 daughters, on Lydia, the other was Mrs Batstone of Chilthorne Domer. (related by Mr Marks of E Lambook 01460 271098, family all roofers).