As listed in the 1931 Kelly Directory for Somerset

Dent, Allcroft & Co. Ltd., Water Street.
Joseph Hunt & Sons Ltd., East Street.
Ina Glove Co. Ltd., Hurst.
Theo Taylor & Co., North Street.
A.F. Thorne & Son, North Street.
Thomas Vaughan, East Street.
A. Burt & Son, Hurst.
Arthur Burt jnr., East Street. - Ken and Ron say that "Burt" occupied our house and supplied gloves to Royalty. Chrissy Burt died. c.2003/4.
A. Thorne & Co, Manor Road.
Seagers, Water Street.

Dent Alcroft Dent Alcroft staff 1912, Glove factory, Water Street (Hurst Bow) toll house at rear

Still operating in 2003


Burfield & Co. (Gloves) Ltd.
Supreme Sports Racewear (formerly Glove Supreme)
Martock Glove Company (a subsidiary of Burfields).
Exhibitor at the British Empire Exhibition, Wembley (1925?): Southcombe & Sons.
Other names that have come and gone, include: A. Thorne & Co., Seager Brothers Ltd., Gaylards, Hunt & Sons. From notes and statistics compiled by Preb. Saunders from the Parish register:


1655: William Hoskins. 1730: John Watkins.