Lye Family & Wellmans, Martock

"Wellmans" - East Street Martock

Mar 27th 1866

Mortgage between SAMUEL LYE of the one part and THOMAS FOOKS of the other part

Dec 31st 1872

Mortgage between SAMUEL LYE of Martock, Baker, of the 1st part; WILLIAM STUCKEY of Kingsbury Episcopy, Miller, of the 2nd part; and JOSEPH WHITBY of Yeovil, Gentleman, of the 3rd part. Schedule All that messuage or tenement called "Wellmans" then consisting of two dwellinghouses[1] with the outhouses, backside gardens, orchards and curtilage etc thereunto belonging & containing about 1 ½ acres situate in the Parish of Martock lately in the occupancy of JOB GAYLARD but now of SAMUEL LYE or his tenants and numbered respectively 1931, 1932 and 1933 on the Tithe Apportionment and on the map annexed thereto and described in the particulars as containing by admeasurement 1 acre 2 roods and 8 perches together with all houses outhouses ways etc.

Jul 16th 1896

SAMUEL LYE died intestate leaving SAMUEL JOHN LYE his heir at law.

Jan 22nd 1897

Conveyance between SAMUEL JOHN LYE of 137 Upper Islington, Middlesex, Baker and WILLIAM LYE of Martock, Baker and Reciting in pursuance of a family arrangement for settling the affairs of SAMUEL LYE deceased it had been agreed that WILLIAM LYE should pay to OLIVE MARY LYE at the request and direction of SAMUEL JOHN LYE a daughter of SAMUEL LYE deceased the sum of £40 and that the said SAMUEL JOHN LYE should convey the said hereditaments and premises to the said WILLIAM LYE.

Apr 7th 1905

By his Will of this date WILLIAM LYE gave devised and bequeathed all the Estate whatsoever and wheresoever both real and personal at his decease to his wife MARY HELENA LYE absolutely and appointed his said Wife Sole Executrix of his said Will.

Sep 7th 1939

Said WILLIAM LYE died.

Oct 9th 1939

Probate of the Will of the said WILLIAM LYE granted out of the Bristol District Probate Registry to MARY HELENA LYE.

Dec 30th 1939

Conveyance between MARY HELENA LYE widow of East Street, Martock, Somerset, the vendor, and JOHN ALLEN FARR Gentleman of East Street, Martock, the purchaser.

Jul 24th 1951

Conveyance between JOHN ALLEN FARR of Thorpe Mandeville Banbury in the County of Oxford, Gentleman, (the Vendor), and LEONARD NATHANIEL PITCHER of "Wellmans" Property divided into two.

Nov 5th 1952

Conveyance between LEONARD NATHANIEL PITCHER of "Wellmans" East Street Martock, Tailor (the Vendor) and The Right Honorable GERTRUDE LILY DOWAGER VISCOUNTESS GUILLAMORE of Somerset Hotel West Coker Yeovil and RICHARD GARNETT of 36 John Street, Bedford Row, London, Solicitor (the Purchasers).

Lye Marriages in Martock

(Commencing January 1820)
28th Aug 1820: Hannah Lye to John Holly.
17th Mar 1822: John Lye to Maria Murry.
7th Apr 1822: William Lye, widower to Sarah Worner.
12th Aug 1822: George Lye to Lucy Rogers.
18th Oct 1824: Thomas Lye to Susanna Masters.
31st Jan 1825: Mary Lye, widow to Thomas Moore, widower.
7th Mar 1825: William Lye, widower to Elizabeth Hewlett, widow.
14th May 1835: Susanna Lye to Thomas Bishop.
22nd Jan 1836: Robert Lye to Patience Goodden.
15th Apr 1837: James Lye to Catherine Shield.
22nd Dec 1839: Sarah Lye to Charles Palmer.
4th May 1848: Ann Lye to George Mattock of Henstridge.
8th Feb 1858: Alfred Lye to Sarah Bailey, both of (Bower) Hinton.
6th Aug 1861: Sarah Lye Hinton to Henry Chubb, widower, both of (Bower) Hinton.
31st Oct 1861: Simeon Lye Tatchell of Bower Hinton to Emma Gould of Stapleton.
14th May 1864: Ellen Lye to Thomas Edney, widower, both of Bower Hinton.
14th Oct 1869: James Lye to Sarah Squire.
4th Jul 1870: Emma Lye to Richard Cox.
15th July 1897: William Lye, Baker, to Mary Helena Smith.
6th Feb 1935: Barbara Ann Rees Lye to John Allen Farr.
Checked to end 1951


[1] Presumably this relates to "Wellmans" and "Byron House" which together must have been the Lord Byron Inn.

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