Hilda was one of seven children of William and Mary Bradford of Moorlands House, North Street, Martock. The Bradfords were from Thorney, and set up a coal business that diversified into general builders supplies, a company which is still family run and thrives today. They were keen Methodists, and Hilda’s father paid for the building of the Methodist chapel complexes in both Martock and South Petherton.

These diaries survived by a fluke of fate. In 2014 we received an email from Julie Champion, who wrote:

"In 1984/85 a friend of my then husband Steve (now ex) was working at a land fill site in Edmonton (I think) that served North London. Amongst other things he found 4 old diaries; 2 dated 1896 & 1898 written by Hilda Bradford and 2 dated 1878 and 1896 written by Mary Jane Bradford (Hilda's Mother). My husband swapped these diaries with his friend for a socket set. I found them fascinating and spent nearly a year transcribing them all in my spare time onto a Word Processor. (PCs were not so prevalent then).

We did a bit of research and in 1986 travelled from our home in Stevenage, Hertfordshire to Martock to see what we could find and visit some of the places and buildings mentioned in these diaries. We turned up unannounced at 'Bradfords Building Supplies' and spoke to one of the Bradford family. I think he was the Managing Director and was Hilda Bradford's great nephew but I can't remember his name. He was researching his family tree at the time and showed us the charts he had made and how Hilda and Mary Jane fitted into his tree along with pictures of them. He mentioned that the diaries might be of interest locally as well as to his family so we decided to send the diaries to him along with the transcripts I had done. We wanted nothing in return, it was just a pleasure to have taken on this little project and to eventually see the diaries in their rightful place".

1898 is incomplete, ending in Ootober


Sat 1st

Rosewarne home all day. I busy in kitchen in morning making pastry etc. Fry and Elliot came and took Father’s photo also Mother’s and Stanley’s. Dorothy and Glynne driven back to Penn in morning. Aunt Martha and Rosebud and Harold here to lunch and dinner. Afternoon – Uncle Job and Aunt Annie came down and had tea and dinner with us.

Sun 2nd

Mr McMillan preached 2 very good sermons. Evening text – What have I done? And What shall I do? Afternoon – Star system began in school. I gave out my motto cards. Ada poorly. Mr Walker took harmonium.

Mon 3rd

Received letters from abroad. Rosewarne packed off to Bridgwater where he will stay in lodgings with Harold and return home for weekends. Made scones and short bread. Uncle Job here to dinner. Morning – lovely sunshine. Mother, Mabel and I drove with cob to Petherton and round by Stoke. Lunch 1.30. Afternoon practised a little. Wrote out notes to arrange for Sale of Work committee meeting tomorrow night.

Tues 4th

Turned out bedroom with Annie. Visited Mrs Follett and took brooch to Mrs Rickord. Drove with Mabel to Petherton to see Rev. Maddiford, then went Milton and Stapleton and I called on Bessie Elliott and Lizzie Oram. Afternoon very large attendance at Mothers Meeting. Evening – Aunts Lizzie, Martha and Annie called over from Ashfield to see Ada’s poker work and give orders. Evening – Stanley, Mildred, Annie and I played ‘National Gallery’. I did poker work from 8.30 to 10.30.

Wed 5th

Bed late talked with Mabel in her bedroom in evening till very late. Very wet miserable day. Stanley’s birthday 25. Annie and I gave him a picture. Annie Williams sent gold studs. Morning – I poker work. Called on old Mrs Ring, Elizabeth, Harriett Masters, Rogers and Mrs Isaacs. Afternoon – did poker work. Too wet for tracts. Miss Bennett, Rev. Bennett and eldest son here to tea and dinner. Played Patience and National Gallery with them. Father received a note from Rev. T. W. Cook to say he would consider the invitation to S. Petherton circuit. Rev. Bennett has resigned we are glad to say. Evening service most went out to it. Mabel stayed in and played games with visitors.

Thur 6th

I did poker work after tea. Lovely day. Morning – I tried piano in Public Hall for concert at Bazaar. Then did my tract district. Heard Miss Mole was coming to Martock for a short visit. Afternoon Susan washed my head. Then Mrs Quantock and Miss Terrell came and we marked things for Bazaar. Mother went to Bridgwater by 11.58 train to see Rosewarne with Aunt Annie and returned by 6.42 train. Evening – we 5 girls spent quiet time over dining room fire and Mildred read to us.

Fri 7th

Morning – made cake and scones. Afternoon – Annie and I drove with Mildred in wagonette to Kelways Langport with new horse on trial. Got Mr Kelway to give us some ferns for Bazaar. Mildred called on Aunt Rhoda on our way home and got 1/- for her missionary card. Evening – I did poker work. At 7 o’c Stanley, Annie and I went to Ashfield for dinner. Played Patience in evening. Home 10 o’c.

Sat 8th

Prepared Sunday School lessons. Settled accounts with Mother. Lovely bright morning. I made short bread and St. George’s cake. Mabel went to Taunton and returned 1.46 train. Circulars came of programme of Bazaar, we set to and addressed them. Afternoon – Annie and I spent quiet time in drawing room together. I practised. Old deaf Mrs Ring died. Aglen and Rosewarne came 6.42. Evening – played National Gallery.

Sun 9th

Rev. Bloye preached twice. Star system caused interest in Sunday School. Stanley and Aglen went to church in evening. I had a full class in afternoon. Evening – after supper Rosewarne gave graphic description of his experiences at the dentists in Australia.

Mon 10th

Lovely day. Rosewarne left 9.18 for Bridgwater also Aglen. I was busy packing all the morning. Felt awfully upset at the thought of leaving home. The girls busy marking Bazaar goods. At 12.30 Annie and I started in wagonette for Yeovil. I left by 1.40 train. Got Waterloo 5.10. Reached school 6 o’c with splitting headache. Paddy not yet back. Bedroom changed. On top floor, front room. Dinner 7 o’c cold meat. Bed early. Talked in bedroom till late. Homesick.

Tues 11th

Breakfast 8 o’c. I late and Miss Pottenger came to see where I was. Went into kitchen and heard my exam was tomorrow. Horrors! Learnt recipes hard all the afternoon at demonstration. When I came upstairs I found Paddy had arrived. Joy. She was awfully upset and homesick. A friend called to see her and they went out together. Aunt Martha called to see me. Evening – Paddy unpacked and I did recipes. Evening – wrote Mabel. Fell light hearted after exam.

Wed 12th

Had a bad night and bad dreams re: exam. Felt ill on waking and sick. Could eat no breakfast. Went for short walk with Paddy and felt better for it. Exam: 10-1 o’c. Lentil soup, kedgeree, sausage rolls. Felt very flurried just after 12 fearing I would not finish in time. Relieved when all over. Afternoon Miss Yelland, Westall and I went to see Mr Senn. All passed. I 12 out of 15. He spoke fairly well of us. After tea Paddy and I went for a long walk of 2 hours until dinner time. Bought photo frames.

Thur 13th

Awful black fog. Morning - I had to teach again and had awful slow pupil. Evening – Dr Pilley lectured on Physiology and Hygiene. Before breakfast Paddy and I went for walk. After tea prepared my demonstration on ‘Ginger break cake’ for tomorrow. Wrote ‘Robert Roberts’ in pencil and then ink. Paddy came on poorly. Talked in evening in bedroom till late.

Fri 14th

Paddy very poorly. We did not go out all day. I posted letter to Robert. Had awfully busy day in kitchen. Afternoon I demonstrated. Miss Roper and Westall went into plain kitchens. Even Paddy and I did our lectures. After dinner had a lazy time over sitting room fire and then went on to bed.

Sat 15th

Evening – tried on evening dresses of Dora’s etc. Lovely day. Morning – Paddy and I went over royal Academy and saw Millais’ collection of pictures. Then went for walk in park. Wrote Annie. Afternoon – sat over fire and snoozed. Evening – at 6.30 started for St. James Terrace. Pleasant evening. Bed late.

Sun 16th

Communions ____________ at St. Pauls. Foggy day. Morning – went to St. Pauls with Aunt and Dora. Afternoon quiet time over fire and slept. Evening – Aunt and I went to Hampstead. Saw and walked home with Benthams. Bed late.

Mon 17th

Received letter from Mother saying Mabel has influenza. Dense fog. Returned to school. Horrid teaching still. Afternoon – demonstrated on corn flour mould. Evening – lecture on Chemistry by Mrs Wilson. Chemistry exam results out of last term and 17 have failed! Grand stir and talkation as to who goes in for Easter exam. Evening – studied Hygiene. Bed and Mabel Hooper talked will late with us.

Tues 18th

Lovely fine day. Paddy’s birthday. I have got no present for her as yet. Last day in Artizan kitchen! Miss White spoke nicely to me. Between 9.30 and 10 o’c Paddy, Mabel Hooper and I walked across park to Charing Cross station. Evening – Education lecture. Wrote Father and Mabel. Evening – studied hard.

Wed 19th

Paddy and I went for walk after breakfast. Then at 10 o’c I went into Plain Class kitchen. Worked by myself and no teacher. Miss Yelland absent. I made soups, Miss Watson rather sharp. At 3 o’c Westall and I took bus to Oxford St. I bought picture 2/6 for Paddy’s birthday. She was very delighted with it. At 4.30 I attended Elocution Class. Evening – studied Church on Food. Received letter card from Clara inviting me for weekend.

Thur 20th

5 girls in Artizan examined and passed. Miss Robertson top!! Heard particulars of Bazaar from Ada. Wet nasty morning. Paddy and I went for short walk after breakfast. Milly wrote saying she was not returning to school and then Paddy and I took the writing table she had promised us. Our bedroom now improved. Got on nicely in Plain Class kitchen. At tea received telegram saying ‘Expect Mother Shortly’. ¼ hour after Mother and Ada arrived!!! I chatted with them in bedroom then showed them over kitchens. Introduced Paddy. Aunt Martha arrived and we all went to St. James to dinner and spent night there. I missed lectures.

Fri 21st

Muddy nasty day. I left St. James after breakfast and said good-bye to Mother and Ada. I walked to Baker St. with Dora and Gladys. Received letter from Father. After tea Paddy and I went for a walk in Hyde Park. Evening – studied. I wrote Milly Mills before tea. Bed late. Mabel, Crem, Paddy and I asked question of table in Mabel’s bedroom till late. Then bed 12 o’c.

Sat 22nd

Lovely fine sunny warm day. Morning – Paddy and I went to sales. Each bought length of silk for shirt at Debenhams. I got print white shirt at Robinson’s & Cleavers. Back to lunch. I wrote Ada, and sent Annie my photo. Paddy very poorly with bilious attack and went to bed soon after tea. Received post card from Annie.

Sun 23rd

Paddy felt better. Morning she, Mabel Hooper and I went to St. Margaret’s and heard Canon Eyton, good sermon, saw Joan. Afternoon I went to St. James Hall alone. Heard Rev. J. McNeil. Evening – went to St. Margaret’s again with Paddy. Splendid sermon. Homesick.

Mon 24th

Evening – had long serious talk with Miss Westall. After breakfast Paddy and I went out. I went to stores and ordered medicine and got biscuits. Evening – lecture on chemistry by Mrs Wilson. I copied Education notes. After dinner Paddy and I did Physiology and Hygiene answers. I thought Paddy was offended with me thinking I laughed at her, but it was all explained in bedroom.

Tues 25th

Paddy and I went for a long walk along Thames Embankment. I got medicine from stores. Received post card from Mother to say Mabel was not coming up to town. I am very disappointed. Received letter card from Clara inviting me there for weekend. Evening I wrote Mother. After dinner copied Education notes. Heard Paddy’s recipes. Had a chat with ‘Infant’.

Wed 26th

Miss Yelland and I had joint and vegetables etc. to cook for lunch. ‘Jack’ with leg of mutton fell right over, gravy etc. all over floor. Great hubbub and stir. Miss Watson said it was no fault of mine, as the leg of it was loose. I much agitated and upset. Evening – Elocution Class. After dinner heard Paddy’s recipes for last time. She in great state of nervousness. In bed we talked will late as to whether men or women had most in them.

Thur 27th

At 4.30 Paddy and I went out for another walk. Evening – Physiology and Hygiene lectures. Dissection of lungs at 6 o’c. So tired at end of day. I had a very bad headache all day especially when at work in kitchen. Felt so tired and had indigestion. After breakfast Paddy and I went for 1 hours walk in Hyde Park. I heard Paddy say her recipes. She in awful state poor girl. Had her exam. Very difficult dishes and came out well, 14 marks out of 15. I am so glad. At 3 o’c Aunts Martha, Lizzie and Claudia and Branston came to see me. I showed them over school.

Fri 28th

I felt tired and poorly. Bad night. Morning – received letter from Ada and Sally Pittman. Busy time in kitchen making cakes. Miss Yelland tries me. Did not go out all day. Evening – wrote out lectures and did diagrams. New students annoyed us by playing the piano. I went to bed early. I am much interested in Miss Westall.

Sat 29th

Most lovely day. Paddy and I went to sales. I bought yellow silk for evening dress also white serge for skirt. I awfully tired and glad to get in for lunch. Afternoon went to ‘The Limes’. Got there 3 o’c. Found Tregear there still. He left 4.30. Mrs Bentham poorly and went to bed early. I glad to see Tregear.

Sun 30th

I wrote out a few notes of Horton’s sermon. Rather wet morning. Edith and I walked across park to Rev. Haweis’ church. Good sermon on ‘Be ye approved money changers’. Afternoon – I wrote letters. Clara asleep on couch, Dodo and Frank Hart appeared on scenes. Evening – heard Dr Horton with Clara and Edith. Bed rather late.

Mon 31st

Lovely day. Returned to school. I received letter from home. Had bad indigestion. Evening – Chemistry lecture with Mrs Wilson. After dinner I went on to bed pretty early as I was so tired. (Aunt Martha and Aunt Trew called to see me I showed latter round school, this happened on Tuesday).


Tues 1st

After breakfast Paddy, Crem and I went to Charing Cross with Mabel Hooper. Paddy and I went into a shop and ordered our text books on Hygiene and Physiology. Tore back through St. James’s Park to school. Evening – received post card from Mother. Afternoon – had letter from Annie Williams. Evening – Paddy and Miss Clarke went to Liberty’s sale. I tired and bad head and stayed home.

Wed 2nd

Had awful indigestion and felt quite sick in kitchen in morning. It makes me feel oh so wretched. After breakfast Paddy and I went for a long walk in St. James’s Park bitterly cold strong East wind blowing. Polly had her High Class exam and passed. Miss Ogilvie and Moore had their Artizan exam and both failed. I am so sorry for them. Evening – I wrote Mother. After tea Elocution Class. Evening – studied Physiology.

Thur 3rd

Lovely day but cold. Paddy and I went for a walk along Serpentine in Hyde Park. Paddy’s 1st day in Plain kitchen. My indigestion not quite so bad. Evening – Dr Pilley’s Physiology and Hygiene lectures. Lantern slides, and we did not finish till very late. Between 4 o’c and 6 o’c tea Paddy and I studied in bedroom.

Fri 4th

Bitterly cold day. Morning – had good day in kitchen. Had nice chat with Miss Roper in the passage. After teat at 4 o’c Paddy and I walked to Baker Street together (former to buy a photo) and back. I had indigestion. Tired and glad to get in to dinner. Evening – did not study at all but had nice chat with girls. I received letter from Mabel.

Sat 5th

Bright sunlight and awful cutting East wind. Paddy and I went to new Gallery in morning and saw Rosetti’s pictures, then went shop gazing. Home soon after 1 for lunch. I indigestion.

Sun 6th

Paddy had a friend to see her. Morning – read British Weekly. Nasty foggy wet morning. Remus went with me to St. James’s Hall. Mark Guy Pearce gave good sermon. Afternoon I went to Abbey alone. Evening – I went to Westropes for tea and with them to Westminster chapel in evening and heard McNeil.

Mon 7th

Received letter from Mother. Paddy and I went for walk along Rotten Row (and I ordered more medicine at stores). Good Chemistry lecture by Mrs Wilson. After dinner Paddy and Miss Drinkwater went and heard McNeil and came back disgusted. I felt vexed with Paddy because she gave such a description of the service but she was very sorry afterwards. I studied recipes.

Tues 8th

Morning – went to stores (see above). Evening – very good lecture by Mrs Wilson on Education. Paddy and I had a talk with her afterwards re: out taking Chemistry exam this term, she was very nice. Evening – Paddy and I studied in our bedroom Chemistry together. I wrote Mother a long letter. Bed late. Talked till late.

Wed 9th

Paddy and I went for walk after breakfast. Evening – Elocution Class of which am tired. Paddy had friends to see her who stayed to tea.

Thur 10th

Morning – went for walk after breakfast and bought kidneys at stores. Four girls examined in Plain kitchen, 3 passed and Miss Harding failed. Evening – dissection of kidney at 6 o’c. Then lectures. I studied recipes.

Fri 11th

Paddy fearfully homesick and cried bitterly. I felt so bad and weary of this place. 4 girls had their exams and 3 passed in Palin kitchen, Miss Page failed. Westall and Roper passed. After tea I went for a walk with Miss Westall. Evening – studied recipes in bedroom. Paddy went to theatre with several others. I tired and bed in good time. Dreading exam awfully.

Sat 12th

Paddy in bed to breakfast. Paddy poorly. I went to stores and ordered books for Mabel. Mrs Cameron and friend called. I studied recipes. Afternoon met Clara and Edith at Queen’s Hall for symphony concert. Good time. Miss Louise Dale sang. Splendid orchestra. Evening – read and cosy time at ‘Limes’.

Sun 13th

Wet morning. Clara, Edith and I went to Trinity church in morning and in evening Clara and I went to Hampstead. Afternoon – Mr Walter and Leitham Reynolds called and stayed to tea and supper. Miss Walton and Mrs Hardman called.

Mon 14th

Returned to school. Received letter from Mother. Heard my exam is put off till Wednesday. I feel sorry for it. Evening – lecture on Chemistry. After dinner Paddy and I did our Physiology and Hygiene answers and worked hard. I learnt some recipes.

Tues 15th

After breakfast Paddy and I went for a walk in Hyde Park. Paddy heard me say recipes. Tommy Tie heard me say recipes also Miss Westall. Evening – I studied hard at them in my bedroom and then went to bed early. Miss Ogilvie had her exam and passed in Artizan kitchen. I had fish day with Paddy in Plain kitchen.

Wed 16th

Morning – felt awfully nervous. I wore white shirt with blue new. Paddy and I went for a walk in Park and I felt my fate draw near. I had Swiss roll, Fricassee of veal and fried whiting. Miss Yelland and I both passed. My Swiss roll was perfect, my frying was bad. Evening – Paddy went to her friends to dinner. I wrote Annie. Did Physiology. Wrote diary etc.

Thur 17th

Miss Yelland and I did not teach but practised together. It was awfully nice. We did High Class things part of the time. I received long letter from Ada. Wrote Grace Richards. Evening – attended Physiology and Hygiene lecture. Darned from 3.30 to 5.30 when we had high tea. Did not go out all day.

Fri 18th

Miss Yelland and I practised together again. After tea Paddy and I went to call on Mrs St. Clair but found her out, then we rambled about for a very long walk, and got in just in time for dinner. In evening we did our answers for Dr Pilley and wrote few notes on lectures. Nasty wet morning but cleared a little in evening.

Sat 19th

Paddy went to theatre. Evening – I read. Lovely bright day. Received letter from Annie with cheque enclosed from Father. Paddy and I went to Parke’s museum together and then to Peter Robinsons home. Afternoon – darned and felt homesick. Evening – went to Public library and got ‘Natural Law in Spiritual World’.

Sun 20th

Evening – I went alone to St. James’s Hall and heard H.P. Hughes. Nasty wet cold miserable day. Morning – I went with Miss Roberts and Gibbs heard Dr Parker. I was rather disappointed in him. Afternoon – read and we had singing and music from various visitors. Paddy’s friend here. Evening – I wrote Mabel.

Mon 21st

Cold day. I began to teach. Had Miss Stansbury as pupil. Evening – Chemistry lecture. Paddy and I went to it with our hats etc. on ready to start off immediately it was over. She to the theatre with several others and I to Nausen’s lecture at Queen’s Hall with Tyas. Had a grand time, 2/6 seats. Lime light views. Johansen there. Home 10.45.

Tues 22nd

Gold. Paddy and I went for a walk after breakfast. I taught Miss Stansbury still. In lunch hour Mrs Trenchard called to see me and invited me there for Saturday week. Aunt Annie has not yet been to see me. Paddy awfully tired all day and went to bed at 8.30. Attended Education lecture and then afterwards wrote our Monday’s Chemistry lecture.

Wed 23rd

Evening – Paddy attended Elocution Class for 1st time. Meanwhile I wrote to Mother. After breakfast Paddy and I went for a walk.

Thur 24th

Morning – I received letter from Mabel to say she was coming up to town to stay with Benthams today. Paddy and I went for a walk to gardens behind Houses of Parliament. Ordered livers for dissection at 6 o’c. Evening – lectures per usual. I had Miss Robertson to teach and got on alright in kitchens. Lovely bright sunny day.

Fri 25th

Evening – answered Physiology and Hygiene questions. Morning – taught Miss Robertson. Lunch and then Dumble told me 2 ladies waiting to see me. Found Edith Bentham and Mabel in hall, took them to sitting room and then to bedroom. Miss Weston spared me a few minutes to show them around school. They left. Evening – Paddy and I went to St. James’s Park and saw people going to and fro to the drawing room. Saw Queen distinctly in open carriage.

Sat 26th

Lovely warm bright day. Paddy and I took lovely walk in Hyde Park after breakfast till 11 o’c. Then I tidied drawers and got hand bag packed. Paddy went to theatre. I had lunch and then met Clara at Victoria Station and drove with her to ‘Limes’. Met there by Mabel. Had tea. Evening – hand long chat with Mabel over her fire in bedroom. Nice to be with her.

Sun 27th

Very wet morning. Mabel went with Mrs Bentham in Hansom to Foundling church. Edith and I went and heard Canon Page Roberts. Clara and Dr Bentham went to Trinity. Afternoon – wrote home so did Mabel. Evening – we 4 girls went to Hampstead. Had nice chat again in bedroom with Mabel and felt homesick.

Mon 28th

Left the Limes and felt very bad on leaving Mabel. Read long letter from Mother before leaving. Invited to Benthams for next weekend. Forwarded Mabel Chronicle and ‘Ecce Homo ‘. Evening – Chemistry lecture. After dinner wrote out lecture. Before tea went out in Bucking Palace Road for short time with Paddy and Drinky etc. shopping.


Tues 1st

Received letter from Annie and Mabel at Limes. Wrote Mrs Trenchard. Evening – Education lecture. Paddy feels better about her exam. At 3.30 called on Camerons and found them at home. Had cup of tea there. Mr Cameron promised to take Paddy and I over Houses next Monday evening.

Wed 2nd

Uncle saw me into Pews for here after meeting. Several presidents and big men present. Paddy and I went for a walk as usual. I tried to get someone to accompany me to City Road but could not. Had tea as usual at 4 o’c and then at 4.45 I set out to City Road for Wesley Death Commemoration services and dedication of Wesley chapel. Met Mabel and Clara Bentham in chapel yard and had a few words with them. Then they went to ‘Reception’ and I evening meeting. I got seat in gallery near Aunt and Uncle Trew. Fine meeting. Dr Horton gave 1st Class speech, also H.P. Hughes. Had coffee at Westerdales. Met Ethel Trew.

Thur 3rd

It is so delightful seeing Mabel, she and I wore black in evening but Dora coloured. Received piece of music from Rom Pom and long interesting letter from Fräulein Casten. Received invite for dinner at St. James’s from Dora. Decided to miss lectures and go there and meet Mabel and Benthams. Paddy had her Plain Class exam and passed very well. I am glad it is over for her. Left for St. James’s at 6.30, Dora, Uncle, Mabel and Clara and Edith there. Had pleasant time. I stayed night. Ate oranges with Dora in bedroom over fire.

Fri 4th

Returned to school by 10 o’c. I teaching 2 private pupils. Paddy also teaching. Immediately after leaving kitchen in afternoon I met Clara and Mabel at stores in Millinery Department. Could not get myself a hat there. Had tea, and then called on Camerons. Mrs Cameron out at House. Mrs Jepps there calling. We left and went to Oxford Street, where I bought brown straw hat for 21/9. Then we did a little more shopping and I returned to school and then to ‘Limes’. Evening – went with various girls to hear Passion Music at St. Anne’s Soho, it was a complete failure.

Sat 5th

Morning – did physiology and Hygiene with Paddy. Then I went to Limes for lunch. Afternoon Clara, Mabel and I went to Willesden and had tea with old Dr and Mrs Bentham. Mrs Bentham and Edith went to Julius Caesar. Evening – music and chatted and nice to be with Mabel once more. I wore new hat and fawn cape.

Sun 6th

Very cold day. Morning – we 4 girls went to Mr Haweis church. Afternoon – Edith and I fetched Grace Windeatt for tea from her school. Evening – we 4 girls heard Dr Horton preach a very fine sermon. ‘On This Rock I will Build My Church’. Re: Roman Catholicism.

Mon 7th

Left ‘The Limes’. Taught two Miss McKinley’s in morning. Chemistry lectures in evening then Paddy and I had tea and went off to Camerons. Had tea there at 6.30 with Mr and Mrs Cameron, Miss Swankie and Mrs James. At 7.30 we (Mr Cameron, Paddy and I) left for Houses of Parliament, others went to theatre. We had a glorious time. Introduced to Irish members Davit and Tanner. Saw a division in House of Commons. Present at a debate in House of Lords and Commons. Heard many speakers. Left at 10 o’c. Mr Cameron awfully kind, Paddy delighted.

Tue 8th

Worked hard all day and did not go out. Wrote Rosewarne and began a letter to Ada. Taught my two pupils savouries. Wrote up diary. Evening – studied Chemistry. Went to Education lecture. Tables in dining room altered and rearranged.

Wed 9th

Morning – wrote letters then went into kitchen. Practised with Paddy, made ‘Raised veal pie’ and lemon sponge. After 3 o’c I darned till tea. Then I went out and bought tooth brush and photo frame. Mabel came in lunch hour to say goodbye and I just saw her for 5. Paddy had Elocution lecture and afterwards she and I went to Oxford Street together. I bought violets for hat. She went out to dinner and I came back alone.

Thur 10th

Mabel goes home today. Camerons will arrive at Martock this evening and Mr Cameron will lecture. I wrote Kitty Rittener, Aunt Trew and Mrs Trenchard. I walked with Paddy to Hyde Park corner and around after breakfast. Evening – dissection of eye and lectures per usual. Paddy in roars of laughter with Remus over our cloaks etc. before lecture began. I taught McKinley’s again and really like it now.

Fri 11th

Paddy and I got up early and studied one hour before breakfast. Infant went in High Class kitchen today. Paddy and I went for walk after breakfast, looked at shops and watched soldiers drilled at barracks. I taught my pupils to cook dinner. Evening – Paddy went to theatre with Miss Cran. I studied. Received note from Mrs Trenchard. Bed late. Bath.

Sat 12th

Nice day. Saw Mrs Trenchard in bed. Got up early and studied before breakfast. Studied till 12.30 at Chemistry questions. Then I went to Honor Oak for lunch and tea with Trenchards. Then went to Watford, arrived Brentor 6.30. Nice evening over fire. Aunt, Uncle, Florence, Nellie, Percy, Bradford. Talked re: my Berlin experiences.

Sun 13th

Heard Rev. T. Waugh twice. Very helpful sermon in morning on being filled with Holy Spirit. I have prayed over it and God has received me entirely now as his child and I have accepted gift of Holy Spirit. Jesus help me to live more Christian like. Evening – grand time. Mr Waugh spoke to me re: Penn people, Chennals, Maggie Woods etc. etc.

Mon 14th

Rather wet morning. I had breakfast 7.45. Florence and Nellie saw me off for 8.18 train from Watford. I walked to station alone. Practised in kitchen. New student Miss Parsons in house. I wrote Mabel. Received letter from Annie when at Watford and from Mother when I reached school with cheque for £7 enclosed. Studied Chemistry till late.

Tues 15th

Morning – I went out alone to Post Office and Sewells. Then I met Tie and we went shop gazing in Buckingham Palace Road. My last day in Plain kitchen. Miss Watson awfully nice to me, and spoke well of my work and teaching. Miss Yelland also left. After tea, Paddy, Crem Cran, and I went to Kensington by bus, looked at shops then went to Piccadilly, Regent Street and Bod Street, had a lively time together. Evening – received concert ticket from Dora. Studied until 11.15.

Wed 16th

Received letter and flowers from home. Paddy poorly. My first day in High Class kitchen. Miss Yelland and I working together again. So sorry to leave Miss Watson, she says I may do her order book still. Afternoon – I took a bus to Baker Street High School and there for concert at 4 o’c – 5 o’c. Aunt, Dora, Rosebud and Gladys there, also Mrs Trenchard. Had tea in Quandum, meeting after. Evening – had tea at St. James’s Terrace and returned to school after. Then studied and bed at 11.45 o’c.

Thur 17th

Second day in High Class. Miss Miss Watson fearfully. After afternoon school I went to Knowles Chelsea with Aunt Martha to choose wall paper for Annie’s and my bedroom. Paddy rather poorly still. Evening – lectures per usual, magic lantern slides. Wrote a long letter home to Annie.

Fri 18th

In demonstration all day and I found it very dull. Plain Class in morning and High Class in afternoon. Infant demonstrated well in morning. Yelland called out by Miss Watson in afternoon to make an apple amber an order. Evening – Paddy and George went to theatre. I studied in evening and Rinkie made us tea. Had nice bath. Bed rather late.

Sat 19th

Nasty accident in this road and a gentleman run over and killed on spot. Morning – Paddy had bad eye and I went with her to chemist about it, also again in afternoon. Morning – studied. Afternoon – went to see Lizzie Lloyd and had tea with her. Left at 6 and Mr Lloyd was me to station. Evening – sat over fire in sitting room and worked.

Sun 20th

I wrote Mother. Fine day. Morning – Tie, Miss Parsons and I went to St. James’s Hall and heard M.G. Pearce. Then walked in park. Afternoon I went to abbey and heard Canon Gore. I stood whole of service.

Mon 21st

Penny very poorly and laid down on my bed, and I got her ginger tea. Very foggy morning. Infant and I went out and each of us bought flowers. I for Miss Watson and Infant for Miss Rotheram. Hyalie left for home, Remus saw her off at station. I received letter from Mother also Mildred. Evening – studied. Paddy went to theatre with George. Miss Watson had tried to find out from Infant who gave her flowers.

Tues 22nd

Miss Watson thanked me for the flowers and was so nice. In demonstration all day and found it very dull. Miss Earle demonstrated very well. Mrs Wilson with us in afternoon and kept us till 4 o’c. Miss Denning demonstrated absurdly on fish pudding. Evening – Paddy out till 10.45 and looking so ill. She and George all in all to one another. I went for nice walk with Remus. Readie came by 5 o’c train, glad to have her here again.

Wed 23rd

Nasty wet foggy day. I have a cold. Artizan theoretical and Chemistry exam. Latter paper good and I very much wish I had taken it! Wrote Ada. Miss Watson very nice to me and came and talked to me two or three times. I do wish I were in her kitchen again. Paddy looks very ill and I had a talk with George about her and said they ought not to gallivant about so much. Paddy had a bath and got to bed very late.

Thur 24th

I have a bad cold. Miss Yelland and I pretty nearly quarrelled when cooking together in morning. Paddy with George all day and I saw very little of her. Two more theoretical exams on. I did not go out, except to stores with Rinkei re: Paddy’s watch. Evening – lectures per usual and dissection with eye beforehand. I went to bed early. Miss Earle told me I must demonstrate tomorrow.

Fri 25th

Snow storms. I went to bed early and Remus gave me lemon and water. My cold very bad and I felt really poorly. I demonstrated on Scoth Collops and got on pretty well. Paddy and I had a little stir and misunderstanding at lunch time, Paddy had no lunch and would only wait on George who was in bed. Several students are in bed ill. Seba fainted and had hysterics in evening. George and Pollie went out together in low evening dress to theatricals. We had fun dressing them. Pollie wore George’s clothes.

Sat 26th

Another wet miserable day. My cold still bad. I wrote Clara and Mildred. Morning – test dinners. I studied Physiology. Paddy out all morning with George, and afternoon went to boat races. Oxford won easily. After tea I took bus to St. James’s Terrace for weekend.

Sun 27th

Wet cold miserable day. Morning I went to St. Pauls Cathedral with Aunt and Rosebud, and then stayed in for rest of day. I slept with Dora. My cold bad. Read Recorder.

Mon 28th

Another wet miserable day. Received letter from Mother and wrote to Mabel. Paddy more like herself again. My cold rather better. Paddy went with George to theatre in evening. I did not study but sat over fire in evening and chatted with the girls. Bed early. Readie and I had long chat together after supper.

Tues 29th

Received letter from Mrs Roberts at St. Just. Morning – did not go out but after tea Infant and I went for long walk together. Evening – I wrote Mrs Roberts and Robert. Paddy helped George to pack her box. Evening – again I did not study but talked with girls re: my Berlin experiences. Several girls washed their hair. Thought much of Robert.

Wed 30th

Received letter from Ada. George left by 9.15 in a hansom to Kings Cross station. Paddy down in dumps therefore. Afternoon – I went out to tea with Mabel Hooper and Penny there too. Latter came home with me part way and we did shopping at Kensington. Evening – I returned to dinner and after that we had games for rest of evening. Clumps, _____ proverbs etc. Paddy with her friend Miss Golaz.

Thur 31st

Evening – wrote Mrs Cameron and Mother till late. Mrs Cameron called to see me when I was out and left an invite to have tea with her and for Paddy to come as well. L Bright day but cold East wind. Morning – Paddy and I went out, I enquired at stores re: leather handbag. I did not go in kitchens all day but helped to form a dressmaking class for an exam girl. We came out at 2 o’c and then had lunch and a holiday in afternoon. After school hours Paddy and I went to Oxford Street and then to Civil Service stores re: leather bag and then home to tea at 6 o’c.


Fri 1st

I went out in morning with Paddy and Infant to shoe makers. I then bought a few flowers for Miss Watson. Demonstration today, I called upon quite unexpectedly to demonstrate on savoury omelette. I got on alright. Paddy’s last day in Plain kitchen, she says she is very sorry to leave it. Miss Watson thanked me for flowers. Evening – Paddy out to dinner and several of us played games in sitting room.

Sat 2nd

Lovely fine day. Morning – breakfast early as several girls had test dinners. I studied a little and then went out for a walk along to Charing Cross and back. Looked at leather bags. Did a little shopping at Gorringe’s. At 3 o’c I left for the Limes. Spent quiet time with Clara. Edith at Mentone.

Sun 3rd

Lovely day. Morning – Clara and I walked across the park to Mr Haweis church. Clara has a headache. Afternoon I wrote Dora and Ada in Edith’s bedroom. Evening – Clara and I went and heard Dr Horton on Protestantism. Two McReynolds in for tea.

Mon 4th

Received letter from Mother. Lovely morning. Miss Yelland did not come out therefore I walked alone. After school Paddy and I went out together. Went to Ludgate Hill and I procured myself a leather handbag from Mother for birthday present. Went to Hope Brothers. Returned to dinner. Evening – did accounts. Could not study. Longing to go home.

Tues 5th

Lovely day. Paddy and I went out in morning. Evening – I went out with Tie and Rinkie. My 24th birthday. Had lots of nice letters and heard from every member of family. Paddy gave me quotation book. Students found out it was my birthday. Demonstration day. I demonstrated on Yorkshire tea cakes. Afternoon did vegetable box for Miss Watson and she is very nice to me. Evening – letter from Ettie. Evening – wrote Annie and Mother and Annie Smallman. Dinner list out, very good. Chemistry list out and 7 have failed. Crem for 2nd time.

Wed 6th

Exquisite day. Last day in kitchen this term. Made pastry etc. After 4 o’c I helped turn out cupboards in Miss Watson’s kitchen. She so nice to me and I wished her goodbye also Miss Earle. Paddy and I called on Camerons and met McKenzies there who were with Mother and Mabel at Huntley. Evening – lectures. Paddy and I packed till late. Dissection on sheep’s head, Paddy and I looked on at it part of the time.

Thur 7th

Morning – finished packing. Went out and posted letters for Paddy. Said goodbye to girls and they went into kitchens at 10 o’c. At 11 o’c I left in cab for Paddington. Met Aunt Martha, Uncle and Dora there. Mrs Trenchard came down in same train. At Yeovil saw Mildred who was there with Mother and carriage to meet G.W. Olver. I came on in train with others and Father. Met at Martock by Ada and glad to get in and have a cup of tea with Mabel etc. Pleased with paper in my bedroom. Saw Susan. Evening – unpacked and Rosewarne came. Stanley left for Cardiff.

Fri 8th

Lovely day. Breakfast late. Went for long drive with 2 carriages and Mabel, Ada and Rosewarne on cycles. Cycle of latter got out of order and Rosewarne returned home. Had oranges and buns in Norton woods. Afternoon – Mabel and I with Ada went up for tea meeting. Service afternoon and evening in chapel with G.W. Olver. Ashfield people went to church. Evening – George Williams and Branston called in.

Sat 9th

Evening – Leonard came. After tea Father, Mother, Gladys Barnes and I called at Thorney. Morning – Rosewarne showed me fowls. Pulman drove Mother, G.W. Olver, Mabel and I into Yeovil. I bought shoes at Oliver’s and then with Mabel joined others at Penn. Saw Aunt Annie, Rev. Jenkins etc. Home for lunch. Afternoon Rosewarne, Ada and I had tennis.

Sun 10th

Rather wet day. We went out of mourning. G.W. Olver preached. I took Sunday School class and did a good deal of calling. Aunt Bessie and Mr look here for day. Father preaching at Chinnock in the morning. Letter from Annie at Jersey.

Mon 11th

Stanley returned from Cardiff and Ilfracombe in evening by last train. We day rather. Fine morning and Rosewarne, Leonard and I played tennis. Then we all went for a drive together in the two carriages. Ada poorly though and could not go, and Mabel took clothing club. Afternoon – Father, Mother, Mabel, Mr Olver and I drove to Yeovil for services conducted by Rev. Cox. Stayed to tea, but returned before evening meeting. Leonard left by 8.5 trail for Bristol. Very wet afternoon and evening.

Tues 12th

Rosewarne returned to Bridgwater. Morning – I cooked in kitchen and had a rather trying time. Mother’s head bad. Gave sewing etc. to Susan to be done. Afternoon Mother’s Meeting. Tea at 4.30 and then Pulman drove Gladys Barnes and I into Yeovil. I was fitted or rather measured for coat and skirt. Returned for dinner, dressed and put on evening pink crêpon dress. All Thorney people with Holloways here to dinner and coffee. Evening – played National Gallery card game.

Wed 13th

Morning – looked after clothes and dresses etc. and also mending. Interviewed Ethel Rogers re: making white skirt for me. Afternoon – began tracts until 3 o’c and then I went by 3.7 train to Yeovil and returned 4.5 train. Went to Parsons meanwhile and was fitted for my coat and skirt. Went up with Bradford Trew in train and came back with Branston. Mrs Trenchard and Aunt Lizzie in for afternoon tea. Evening – Father, Mildred and I attended service. Ada still poorly.

Thur 14th

Talked with Annie in bedroom till late. Finished tracts in morning and also called on Mrs Marks. Then went with Mabel into Mrs Nutts to get Mildred a hat. We bought veils etc. Afternoon very wet. I had my hair washed. Parsons called to fit Ada for coat and skirt. Uncle Job here to dinner. Evening – political meeting. Father in chair, speakers Strachey, Blake Norris, Southcombes etc. Annie returned from Guernsey with Claudia by 8.5 train at night.

Fri 15th

Fine bright day. Annie and I very busy every bit of morning hanging pictures in our bedroom and arranging ornaments etc. after new paper had been hung. Afternoon – I called on Ethel Rogers re: skirt. Anita called to see me. After tea Annie and I driven by Pulman in wagonette to Yeovil. Did shopping and I was fitted for coat and skirt for last time. Evening – Mabel and Annie went to prayer meeting. I wrote Marie Hoskins and wrote up diary.

Sat 16th

Mabel and I went to Taunton by 9.18 and returned 3.7. Had successful day there. I bought corsets, silk blouse, and white band. Mabel bought hat, blouse etc. Enjoyed day. After tea Rosewarne, Annie, Stanley and I had tennis. Evening – boys went to Thorney to dinner. Mr Jennings came. Mabel and I met him at station. Evening – Sunday School lessons.

Sun 17th

Mr Jennings preached twice. Very good consecration service in morning. Several stood to indicate they were wishful to receive 2nd blessing. Evening – good and impressive service. I took Sunday School glass and had a good time. Afternoon – visited. 5.30 open air service. Rosewarne went to Thorney in evening.

Mon 18th

Lovely day. Busy all the morning packing. Father left by 8.5 and I said goodbye and Rosewarne left by 9.18. Ada leaves for Clifton to stay with Uncle Fenwick today. Annie drove into Yeovil with me in the wagonette. I called on Parsons on way to station re: alterations of brown coat and skirt. Train punctual at Waterloo 4.40. Arrived here 5.10. Paddy here. Had tea. Unpacked. Dinner. Paddy awfully low spirited. Several girls not yet returned. I homesick. Horrid little bedroom.

Tues 19th

Rather trying day and I longed to be home. Demonstration all day. Saw and spoke to Miss Watson and she gives me work to do still in her kitchen. Very close and stuffy in demonstration. Primrose day saw Beacon Spield’s monument decorated. After tea Paddy and I went for long walk till 6 o’c. The flowers in Hyde Park are exquisite. Evening – studied hard.

Wed 20th

Practise in kitchen. I got so tired. Received letter from Annie. Helped Miss Watson in dinner hour with dishing up. After tea, Paddy and I went for a walk in Battersea Park, and sat down and watched cyclists. Returned to Public Library and read for ¾ hour. Evening – I studied Hygiene. Paddy out with Miss Golaz. I wrote to Annie before school. Also wrote Annie Williams. Rather close. Wrote Remus.

Thur 21st

Warm day. Afternoon – I went out with Infant and Tommy to stores then saw a fire engine and followed it to Ashley Gardens. Crowds of people, no fire but a scaffolding accident. Several killed. Before school I did not go out but studied. So very tired and weary in kitchen in morning. Evening – Physiology and Hygiene lectures. This is a long week.

Fri 22nd

Received letter from Remus and Annie Williams. Coat and skirt arrived from Parsons. Tried it on before school and I am not pleased with it. It is so very crumpled. Evening – Rinkie and I went out together to Bond Street etc. and returned in time for dinner. Paddy still very strange and hardly speaks to me. Evening – I studied hard at Physiology with Miss Francis in dining room. Bed 10.30. Letter from Mabel.

Sat 23rd

Paddy spent afternoon and evening with Miss Golaz. Evening I studied. Lovely day. Letter from Ada. Morning – studied hard right up till lunch time at Physiology in sitting room. Paddy and Miss Francis also there. Afternoon tried on new silk blouse from Hatcher. Wrote Mabel. After tea Tommy, Infant and I met Remus at Paddington.

Sun 24th

Bright and sunny day. Morning – wrote Ada. Went to hear M.G. Pearce with Tommy at St. James’s Hall. Paddy and Infant also went there together. Afternoon felt homesick. Wore my brown coat and skirt.

Mon 25th

Lovely bright sunny day. Received letter from Mother. Paddy has very little to say to me. Made cakes all day. After tea Seba and I took bus to Whitely. I bought cotton nightdresses for Mildred but could not get white petticoat. Also went into Hope Brothers and bought ties. Returned at 6 o’c and found 2 more exam lists were out. I wrote Mother. Evening – studied Physiology with Remus, then she went to bed and I studied alone until 10.30. Bed.

Tues 26th

Wet after tea. Indigestion. Morning – after breakfast, went out for a walk with Infant. Returned to have box of flowers sent from home with letter from Annie. Primroses, cowslips and roses. I also had letter and photo from Kitty Rittener. Crem played a practical joke on me and hid flowers and therefore I had not time to properly put them in water before school. Lunch hour I gave Miss Watson the roses and some primroses. She so pleased with them. Demonstration all day. Evening – studied Physiology and Hygiene hard.

Wed 27th

Very tiring day in kitchen. Miss Yelland tries me so over swab. Miss Binny is a better teacher than Miss Blackstone. Evening – I studied Physiology and Hygiene very hard. Bed 11.15. Paddy did not come up until after 12. I wrote Annie a letter. After tea went for a walk through St. James’s Park with Rinkie. Afternoon – Mr Senn lectured. Evening – I wrote out his lecture.

Thur 28th

Very warm close day. After tea Paddy, Infant and I walked to Hyde Park and sat down and watched carriages and people pass by. I so home sick. Returned in time for tea at 6 o’c. Evening – Physiology and Hygiene. Lantern lecture. After supper corrected children’s exercise cookery books with Remus. Bed. Feeling tired. Received letter card from Ada. Wrote Clara and Kitty.

Fri 29th

Demonstration all day. I demonstrated on veal cutlets. Did not do well at all though. After tea went out with Paddy along Thames Embankment and back to Charing Cross via Strand where we took bus as it rained. I went into Gorringe’s and bought photo frames. Evening – Paddy, Infant and I had long discussion in dining room and consequently did no study re: Conceit difference between two classes of people, Liberal and Conservatives. Very interesting.

Sat 30th

Morning – Paddy and I got up at 6.30 and had 2 hours study before breakfast. Afternoon – several of us went to West Hackney Institute for Physiology. Dr and Mrs Pilly there and tea provided. There from 5-9 o’c. Sixteen dissections. Had a most instructive, amusing and jolly time there. Returned home on top of bus with Miss Watson. Supper. Sat over fire till late.


Sun 1st

Very dull wet miserable day. Morning – went to Dr. Clifford’s Chapel with Reggie and Chrissie. Afternoon – wrote Mabel and Ada Bainbridge. Evening – very wet. I went along to St. James’s Hall. Stayed to sacrament. Paddy and I alright now. She was vexed with me and Dr. Pilly re: Irish question of potatoes.

Mon 2nd

Very warm day. Got up early and studied Physiology. Trus conducted class and gave questions on heart. So hot in kitchens. Reggie and I went for walk to Serpentine after breakfast. I wrote Mother after tea and before I went to Chemistry lecture. Evening – wrote out lecture and studied Physiology. I am going in for exam and practical work this term.

Tues 3rd

Very warm day. Lovely morning. Demonstration all day. After breakfast went out with Rinkie. Mr Senn’s lecture from 12-1. Education lecture 5-6. Very busy day. Evening – spent several hours writing out Senn’s lecture. Then 10.30 I had to go to bed. I am at my wits end with all the work on hand. Want to study Education this term.

Wed 4th

Received letter from Mabel. Up before breakfast with other students to study Physiology. After tea Paddy and I went out together. First to Post Office then Battersea Park along by Embankment. Sat down and talked and thought. Returned and I bought linoleum for Chemistry. Evening – studied Physiology, Education and recipes. Very windy day but fresh. Mildred returns to school today. Ada returned home from Clifton.

Thur 5th

Very wet day and consequently did not go out. Unsatisfactory day in kitchen. Up early before breakfast to study. Physiology and Hygiene lectures from 6.45 – 9 o’c. Evening – after lecture studied recipes. Wrote to Annie.

Fri 6th

Showery. Several girls had their exam in High Class kitchen. I wish mine was over too. We spent all day in demonstration. I demonstrated on Salmon Chaudfroid. Miss Earle said I did very well. After tea Paddy and I went shopping in Regent, Oxford and Bond Street. I bought lace necktie. Paddy shoes. Evening – studied recipes. Up early before breakfast. Received letter from Ada Bainbridge re: her engagement.

Sat 7th

Most perfect day. So bright and warm. Breakfast 8 o’c and then Paddy and I went to Royal Academy together. I returned at 12 o’c. Wrote Mildred. Afternoon went to ‘Limes’. Had tea then went with 2 girls to their tennis club. Clara and Edith played 2 sets each.

Sun 8th

Wed day rather. Morning – Edith and I walked across park to Mr Haweis church. Heard him on the Christian (Hall Caine’s book) v Christ. Returned from church by train. Evening – went to Trinity church with Clara and Edith. Wrote Mother.

Mon 9th

Had letter from Ada. Various girls had their exam. Infant failed in her High Class. I am so very sorry for her, she is fearfully upset and cried bitterly. Miss Lily Rotherham and Miss Earle so nice to her. Miss Roper came out top above Dickie. Evening – Chemistry lecture and practical work after. Paddy and others went to Covent Garden to hear Lohengrin and had a grand time. I studied and wrote out lectures till 12 o’c.

Tues 10th

Very warm day. Demonstration kitchen all day. Infant has an extra week of practise. I wrote Edith Bentham and went and posted letter after breakfast and bought Miss Watson flowers. She seemed very pleased with them and thanked me when I did book and told me how long the roses had lasted I had given her before. Paddy and I went out after tea to see ladies returning from ‘Drawing Room’. We waited a long time but missed seeing the Queen.

Wed 11th

Lovely day and very warm. Miss Roper taught Miss Yelland and I. We were disgusted. Paddy went out after breakfast but I studied recipes. After tea I went to Gorringe’s and bought Mother’s birthday present. Then I took bus to Royal Academy. Bus stopped at Hyde Park Corner and I saw Queen drive by very well in open carriage. I had pleasant hour at Academy. Evening – corrected chemistry and Senn’s lectures. Then learnt recipes.

Thur 12th

Studied recipes before breakfast. Afterwards Paddy and I walked to Hyde Park together. It came on the rain, I therefore took shelter and returned by bus, Paddy went on. Had successful day in kitchen. Evening – Physiology from 6-7.15. Then Remus Rickie and I went for walk in St. James’s Park. Returned to supper at 8.30. Evening – studied Hygiene.

Fri 13th

Demonstration day but I practised cooking alone doing things for Miss Earle, then later Miss Yelland joined me. We did badly, made a fearful mocka cake. I feel fearfully homesick. Paddy does not speak to me and is unkind. I studied along in bedroom. Paddy went out with Infant and bought a lovely plant, I don’t know what it is for. Morning – Remus and I went for short walk in park. Evening – tried to study.

Sat 14th

Exquisite day. Received a huge box of cowslips and roses from home also a latter from Mabel. Went out with Tyas and Rinkie intending to leave flowers for Miss Watson, called twice but she was not home. Afternoon – went to Parke’s museum. Then several of us had tea together in Regent Street. Then Trus, Elsie and I went to Academy for 1 hour. Then went to Hackney for lectures. Home 11.15.

Sun 15th

Awfully wet. Paddy got up early and went out for walk before breakfast with Polly. I found note to say Stanley and Rosebud called yesterday. I took hansom in rain to St. James’s Terrace. Found Stanley and others at breakfast. Morning – Aunt, Stanley and I went to St. Pauls. Evening – Dora and I went to St. James’s church.

Mon 16th

Lovely bright morning. Stanley left by 9 o’c train from Waterloo for home. I returned to this place walking across with Dora to Baker Street. Had last practise in kitchen before exam. Miss Roper our teacher. Paddy so strange to me still. Chemistry from 5 to 7.30. After dinner learnt recipes for rest of evening. Bed 9.45 with bad headache. Feel homesick and so sad and down.

Tues 17th

Paddy got up early for Physiology. Had news by post of death of her brother! Spent an awful day. Paddy in fearful grief. It is awful to see her. I had my High Class exam and passed 38 marks. Infant and Miss Yelland examined. Former 39 and latter 37. Trus and I went to Euston in cab with Paddy. I fearfully upset. Paddy and I settled up our little misunderstanding. She said I was a good friend to her and it was her fault she had been unkind to me. After leaving Euston we attended Chemistry lecture at Charter House. Bed sad.

Wed 18th

Got up and did Chemistry before breakfast. Miss Paddy fearfully. Miss Yelland and I practised and did not teach. Began letter to Paddy in lunch hour and finished before tea. Wrote Mabel. After tea Mabel Hooper came to see me. I could not help crying. I went with her to Hyde Park Corner. Came back alone and did Chemistry. After dinner did practical High Class paper questions with Remus. Stoves etc. Polly came and talked to me when going to bed and tried to cheer me. Bed later. Homesick.

Thur 19th

Very wet and miserable day. Gladstone died. I up early doing study. Had letter from Paddy she hopes to return in a few weeks’ time. Miss Yelland did not come and I worked alone. Had very busy time. Mrs Trenchard telegraphed to say she could not go to Academy on account of rain. Afternoon wrote out recipes for Mabel at home. Saw dreadful carriage accident out of window. Lectures with Dr Pilly in evening. Trus very kind to me. Seba and Rinkie both ill.

Fri 20th

Busy all day in practise kitchen and did not go into demonstration. Afternoon made almond icing. Got up early and did High Class theory work. Afternoon – wrote Annie and sent home recipes. Wet day. Only went out to Post Office, bought recipe book at Sewells. Evening – my cold very bad. Studied Hygiene a little. Went to bed in good time and Remus brought me up some lemon. Received letter from Mrs Trenchard.

Sat 21st

Fairly fine day. Morning – studied High Class theory. Wrote Paddy, Mabel Hooper and Mrs Trenchard. Reedy and her little sister called. Before lunch I went to hay market on bus to buy forcers for Paddy. Trus gave me lovely rose and lilies. Afternoon – wrote out recipes, darned etc. Evening – studied.

Sun 22nd

Wet morning fine later. I went in morning with Tie to St. James’s Hall. Mark Guy Pearce on Gladstone. Afternoon – Seba and I went to Mabel Hooper’s to tea. Evening – Tie, Rinkie and I went to St. Margaret’s and heard Canon Fleming on Gladstone. Read Recorder, wrote no letters.

Mon 23rd

Busy day in kitchens. I upset ink on Miss Watsons apron and much upset about it. Tried milk, lemon juice etc. to get it out. She very nice about it. Evening – Chemistry lecture and practical afterwards. After dinner wrote out lectures. Miss Paddy fearfully. Wrote Mother.

Tues 24th (Queen’s birthday 1819)

Got up early to do High Class notes of lessons. Paddy turned up unexpectedly in time for breakfast. I so delighted. Demonstration day. I did not demonstrate. I cooked wedding cake, had awful time, and both Miss Yelland and I missed Senn’s lecture. Miss Watson helped us with cake. Evening – I met Father, Mother, Ada and Maggie at Waterloo and spent evening with them at Inn’s of Court Hotel. Had nice time and returned in hansom at 10.30. They bought me flowers. They persuaded me to go home for Whitsuntide.

Wed 25th

Gave Miss Watson some lilies sent from home. Paddy here I am glad to have her. She very busy now and looks ill and worried. In evening went to Westminster for Physiology test exam. Evening – Paddy and I worked up menus. Aunt Martha called in morning to see me.

Thur 26th

Awfully busy day!! Got up early and sent and saw Gladstone lying in state before breakfast. I taught Miss Satchell in kitchens. Evening – Physiology lectures etc. Heard from Mabel. I am excited about going home. Studied hard all day. Aspic jelly notes of lessons etc. After school in afternoon went to Waterloo to enquire re: trains for home. Saw Aunt Martha and Mr Cameron. Wrote Mabel letter card.

Fri 27th

Up early. I demonstrated on fish cakes. After school in afternoon went to Waterloo met Rosebud and went home with her, arrived Yeovil 10 o’c. Met by Pulman, Gardener and wagonette. Welcomed by Mabel, Annie and Stanley. Lovely to be home once more. Everything nice and clean and fresh. Rosebud slept night with me. Mabel looked worried. Sorry to leave Paddy, she has a lot of trouble poor girl.

Sat 28th

Exquisite day. Breakfast 8.30. Stanley and Marshall Stocker arrived in time for breakfast, Rosewarne, Aglen and Mr Windeatt for lunch. Morning – tennis. Afternoon – tennis. After tea long drive with 2 carriages. Two boys drove. Evening – dinner then tennis. Went to top summer house. Bed in good time.

Sun 29th

Fine day. Mr Windeatt in morning and Mr look at night. I took Sunday School Class in afternoon. Stanley Stocker took Ada’s. I called on Susan Edwards and Elizabeth Masters. Evening – long argument on politics etc. Bed late.

Mon 30th

Breakfast at 8.30, then tennis. Splendid gentlemen’s sets. At 11 o’c light lunch then Mr Windeatt left by 10.37 train. Rest of us, 5 gentlemen and we 3 girls went to Glastonbury. All cycled except myself and Mabel and Annie took turns to ride with me in cob and 2 wheel. Did Abbey and village and museum. Had lunch and tea there. Returned home at 6.30. Dinner not till. 8. Tennis before. Had lovely day. Marshall bought us sweets. Evening – went to bungalow at Ashfield.

Tues 31st

Very, very wet all day. Wet morning and therefore they could not start early for Seaton as intended. I left by 10.37 train for London. Mabel and Annie saw me off at station. Had dreary wet journey up. Reached here at 3.15 at school. Then put my flowers in water and wrote Mabel. Paddy came up from kitchens and glad to see me. Evening – lecture at 5 o’c in University Place by Dr Sully on Education. After dinner copied out Senn’s lecture.


Wed 1st

Showery and cold. I taught Miss Page. Morning – did notes of lessons before breakfast with Paddy and Infant. Lecture by Barnes on ‘Punishment as seen by children’. Good. Evening – wrote diary, did accounts and copied Senn’s lecture. Felt awfully homesick. After dinner copied out Senn’s lecture.

Thur 2nd

Up early. Taught Miss Page cakes. Education lecture by Barnes on History as seen by children. Wet day. Showery. Evening – Physiology and Hygiene from 6-9. Our test exam papers returned. I procured 72 marks out of 100. Paddy also did well. I had bad headache and felt tired. Evening – chatted in sitting room after dinner till late.

Fri 3rd

Demonstration day. Miss Earle gave us a splendid morning, she demonstrating alone 7 dishes on savouries and salads. Evening – Education lecture. Rain per usual. Poor Paddy feels her brother’s death awfully and looks ill and bad. Evening she studied recipes and I Hygiene. After 9.30 she and I went for a long walk together round Serpentine in moonlight.

Sat 4th

Fine day. Morning – Trus, Rinkie and I went and had our photos taken. Afternoon – I went to Hornsey Rise and saw Sally Pitman. She so delighted to see me and gave me tea. Spent 1¼ hours with her. Four new students arrived. One an old lady. I wrote Annie. Gwenn, Trus, Paddy, Seba and I went to Hyde Park and heard band play.

Sun 5th

I wrote to Ada. Morning – went to St. James’s with Tommy. We stayed to sacrament. Afternoon read. Evening – went to Westrope’s to tea, and to Westminster chapel in evening. Children away recovering from influenza. Rev. Westrope preached on ‘New Popery’.

Mon 6th

Received letters from Mother, Ada and Annie. Sorry to hear Mabel is poorly having injured herself cycling. Education lecture 5-6 o’c, then returned to Physiology and Hygiene. Paddy in great state over her exam and is quite ill. I taught Miss Page she is so fearfully slow. Evening – wrote Mabel a long letter.

Tues 7th

Very hot day. Slow demonstration in morning. Senn’s lecture. Afternoon again slow demonstration. Education lecture by Marriott on John Colet, very clever. Evening – did not go to Charter House for Chemistry. Decided to give it up. Paddy went and Dr Pilly very horrid and familiar with her. I wrote out Senn’s lecture from Mabel Hooper’s notes. So tired. Fearfully close and warm.

Wed 8th

Another warm day. Paddy had her High Class exam and did very well, got 40 marks. She was quite ill with nervousness. Education lecture by Fitch on National Portrait Gallery was splendid. Evening – Hygiene test exam but I did not go to it. I stayed in and wrote ‘notes of lessons’. Miss Page is very trying to teach. Received proof of photo in cap and apron. It is fair. I have such a lot of study to do and can’t settle to do it. So tired.

Thur 9th

Warm day. Got up and studied Hygiene before breakfast. Busy day in kitchen. Miss Page so slow. Education lecture 5-6. Physiology 6.45 to 9 o’c. Paddy feeling very poorly and looks tired. I dread exams and get no time for proper study.

Fri 10th

Hot day. Demonstrated in morning on coffee. Slow and dull time in demonstration. Afternoon at 3.30 Paddy went with a friend to a concert. I did study before breakfast. Education lecture by Fitch from 5-6. Then I went alone into Academy for ½ an hour. Home alone across Green Park. Evening – did notes of lessons with Infant. Paddy went to bed feeling poorly at 9.30.

Sat 11th

Fearfully hot all day. Wrote letters before breakfast, then went to Eagle Range shop with Paddy. Then went to old Jewey about picture frames. Then St. Paul’s Churchyard shops. Bought gloves at London Glove Company 1/4 per pair. Afternoon – Remus and I went to National Portrait Gallery and met Sir J. Fitch there. Evening – wrote Annie and studied and argued with Paddy, Infant, Frank etc.

Sun 12th

Overcast and cool. Morning – wrote Annie Williams also Ethel Burton. Morning – went with Frank and Remus to German church. Afternoon – read and wrote letters. Evening – went along to St. James’s Hall. Stayed to after meeting, 14 received good. Saw Mrs Bevan and 2 sons.

Mon 13th

Much colder. Received letters from home. Paddy and I went out after breakfast and bought flowers for the tables. Evening – Chemistry lecture and practical work. I wrote out lecture before going to bed. Worked hard all day. At 7.30 finished Chemistry and went to Physiology. Dissection conducted by pupils in kitchens.

Tues 14th

Demonstration. Morning – Senn’s lecture on menus. Evening – Education lecture, Paddy and I did not go but wrote out Senn’s lecture instead. Evening – Remus and I did notes of lessons on apricot cream. Paddy and others at Pilly’s Chemistry class. Seba received bad news re: her brother-in-law and came to me for sympathy. Did not go out for day.

Wed 15th

Up early, finished notes of lessons. Letter card from Clara inviting me to a garden party on Saturday, I declined. Saw Mrs Wilson re: notes of lessons and had them corrected. George Cran came to see Paddy. I feel tired and have bad headache. Evening – Chemistry lecture etc. again. Supper 8 o’c. Studied hard till 11 o’c. Wrote out lectures. I am teaching Miss Page still.

Thur 16th

Rather warmer. Did menus with Infant before breakfast. Had letter from Ada and flowers from home with letter from Annie. Wrote Susan also Mabel. Grieved to hear about Dr Colmers examination of Susan!! Evening – Physiology lectures etc. After tea I went to Army and Navy with Drinkie and had my hair cut and washed. No time for anything.

Fri 17th

Demonstration. I demonstrated on Grilled steak and Miss Earle said I did well. Paddy and I studied Physiology together in sitting room before tea and dinner. After dinner we went to Hyde Park to hear the band. Took 2d seats. Remained there talking and chatting over our future and character and past etc. Had quiet but pleasant time. Got in 9.30. Studied a little. Talked to Pollie. Bed.

Sat 18th

Before breakfast did notes of lessons with Remus and Frank. Very hot warm day. Morning – Paddy and I studied Physiology and then went together and called on Hyalie, saw over her kitchens. Afternoon – Physiology again. After tea Seba did my hair. Mrs Trenchard called to see me. Then I went to Limes getting there 7 o’c. Watered gardens with Clara.

Sun 19th

Pleasant day. Glad to have met Fräulein von Rodenberg. Heat intense. Morning – Clara and I went to hear Mr Haweis. Afternoon we lay out in gardens in hammocks. Tea in summer house. Evening – Rev. Rearmore Hampstead. Wrote Annie.

Mon 20th

My photos arrived. Heat intense. Returned to school. In kitchen from 10-12. Then changed and had lunch. Then went to Physiology exam. Awfully hard paper. Then returned had tea. Chemistry lecture then Hygiene for rest of evening. Presentation made to Dr Pilly. I so tired. Very glad Physiology is over. Had letter from Annie. Paddy received letter with her character and future told from stars etc.

Tues 21st

Another close hot day. Paddy and I dead tired. Did not study before breakfast. Demonstrations. Afternoon – Mr Senn lectured and gave lesson on omelettes. After tea I went to Victoria and got lost ticket of Fräulein von Rodenberg and forwarded it to Clara. Even studied chemistry and wrote out Senn’s lecture. Paddy went to Charter House and returned home late.

Wed 22nd

Very hot day. Studied Hygiene before breakfast. Miss Roper and I practised together. Calf’s head soup. Left kitchen at 12 o’c. Lunch and then went to Hygiene exam. Did not like paper and came away ¾ hour before time was up. Evening Chemistry lecture. After dinner wrote out Chemistry lecture and began notes of lessons on fruit tart. So glad Hygiene is over. Have a slight cold. Received invites from Clara and Dora.

Thur 23rd

Received letter from Mabel and Post card from Mother. Did notes of lessons before breakfast. Am looking forward to seeing them on Friday. Evening – studied Chemistry. Wrote Dora, Clara and Mabel. Saw Mrs Wilson re: notes of lessons and we had an interview with her from 10 o’c for 1.40. I practised in kitchen with Miss Roper. Miss Page had her exam and passed. Received pretty belt from Mother and scent bottle from Ada.

Fri 24th

I studied before breakfast. Demonstration day. Miss Earle demonstrated on fish dishes. Splendid. Afternoon – Mr Senn lectured. Evening – from 4-4.30 Mrs Wilson lectured on notes of lessons. I met Mother, Father, Ada and Maggie at Victoria at 5.20. Then we drove to Inn’s of Court Hotel Holborn. Maggie went with Carrie, I slept night at Hotel. So nice to see and talk with them. Ada seems poorly.

Sat 25th

Wet day, showery. Breakfast at Hotel at 8 o’c. Then we went out shopping. We all 3 bought hats. Mine 17/6. Saw ‘Ecce Homo’ and Gladstone’s grave. Went to stores and bought Annie brooch as Mother’s birthday present. Returned to Hotel had lunch. They left by 3 from Waterloo. I saw them off and returned to school. Had tea here. Studied 2 hours then went to St. James’s Terrace for weekend. Had ices in evening.

Sun 26th

I slept with Dora. Showery. Breakfast 10 o’c. Then Dora, Rosebud, Gladys, Beatrice Lock and I went to church over Primrose Hill. Dull and quiet from rest of day and did not go out again. I wrote Annie. Conversation re: marriages and engagements.

Mon 27th

Returned early to school. Practised in kitchen alone, did puff pastry, éclairs etc. I gave Miss Watson my photo and she promised me hers. Did not go out for a walk. Evening – Chemistry lecture and practical work. Supper and then wrote out lectures till time for bed. Had letters from Annie also Ethel Burton and ‘Out and Out’.

Tues 28th

Demonstration. I did beignets glacé. Paddy in Miss Rotherham’s kitchen doing orders. Hot busy day. Evening – after tea went out alone. Bought 2 tiny pin brooches and photo of Gladstone for ‘gifts’. Paddy went to Chemistry at Charter House in evening. I studied Chemistry and wrote out Senn’s lecture which he gave in the afternoon.

Wed 29th

Miss Roper and I practised together and then I practised by myself. Evening – Chemistry lecture and practical work. Last of term I am so glad. Evening – wrote out lectures. Then went to bed, had bath, put on lotion to hair etc. Paddy and I talked till late and could not sleep.

Thur 30th

Had invite to wedding of Sissy Southcombe. Letters from Annie. Infant and I practised together and had a good time. Miss Earle let us do just the dishes we wanted to. After school Pollie and I took bus to Alexandra House and had tea with Miss Olgilvie. Had jolly time. Left at 6 o’c. Met Miss Robinson there (Winnie’s sister) had interesting chat with her. Walked home with Pollie via Sloane Street. Had nice chat together. Evening – Paddy out with Mrs K. I studied.


Fri 1st

Did not go in the kitchen all day. Studied Chemistry and stoves. Miss Earle excused me taking a demonstration day because I had missed so many practise days. Evening – I went to stores, Gorringe Marshall and Shelgrove, Debenham etc. shopping. Got tennis racquet, books for Annie, ties at Hope Brothers etc. Returned and went alone. Paddy went out for a bus ride with Rinkie.

Sat 2nd

Very warm day. Got up early and did High Class ‘preparation’ for exam. During morning learnt tables etc. I felt tired, weary and homesick. Afternoon – practically did nothing, no one to go out with as Paddy was busy. I could have cried. Darned. Began a letter to Beatrice Stanbury. Evening – after dinner Paddy and I went to Hyde Park and heard the band and chatted.

Sun 3rd

Very warm and fine day. Morning – went with Paddy and I heard Canon Fleming preach a splendid sermon. Paddy and Trus went to Hampstead in afternoon. In evening – I went with Pollie to Abbey and heard Bishop of Ripon.

Mon 4th

Carrie Holman and Maggie Rosewarne called to see me. I had lunch with them. Busy day in kitchen. Had letter from home with long letter of Mabel’s enclosed written in Birmingham. Pretty pattern of a muslin dress for me. Evening – Paddy and I studied Chemistry then felt tired out and could study no more so went for very long walk and lost our way down by Embankment. Home 10 o’c. Seba had her children’s test exam.

Tues 5th

Paddy in public demonstration room still. Our demonstration very slow, the new girls up from Plain very slow and tiring. Afternoon – Senn’s lecture. Evening – Paddy went to Charter House and I did study in dining room with Frank and Infant. Children’s test exams on this week Frank had her exam today. We heard Miss Watson is leaving the school next term.

Wed 6th

Remus had her exam, also Pollie. Great excitement re: Pollies exam. Flowers got etc. Evening – after dinner Paddy and I went to Hyde Park and heard band. Saw Paddy’s Uncle there but did not speak to him! I worked with Miss Yelland and Couch in kitchen. Afternoon worked by myself. Miss Earle so very nice and lets me do dishes likely for dinner. Wrote Ada.

Thur 7th

Had letter card from Ada. Last practise day in kitchen. Worked alone and with Infant. Miss Earle so nice. Told I am to go in Public Demonstration tomorrow. After tea went out with Paddy. Paid a visit to Gorringe. Bought Mother a string box. Then I went alone to Adam’s shop in hay market and got nice things for kitchen. Evening – studied. Bed early. Mrs Clarke gave me permission to go home next week.

Fri 8th

In Public Demonstration. Did barley water, lemonade, sponge cakes and milk jelly. Wrote Annie. Miss Yelland demonstrated with me. Miss Lily nice to us. Afternoon – Senn lectured. Evening – had dinner list and made out programme with Truss and Infant. So excited and nervous. L Bed early. Spent bad night. Had very nice letter from Mother. Paddy and I talked re: Pollie!! and said unkind things.

Sat 9th

Breakfast 8 o’c. Truss and Remus gave me a 4 leaf clover pendant. Dinner from 4-1 o’c. Did badly. Had a tremendous rush. Infant and Truss did well I believe. I feel glad it is over. Afternoon Paddy and I went a bus ride to Bayswater. Had tea together in Oxford Street. Evening – studied Chemistry.

Sun 10th

Remus in bed with toothache. Wrote Mother. Cold dull day. Paddy and I heard Canon Fleming on ‘Study to be Quiet’. We felt it was a practical sermon for us. We told Pollie the unkind things we had thought about her and explained affairs re: children’s test exam.

Mon 11th

Up early studying Chemistry. Did not go in kitchens all day. Children’s test result out. Pollie and Remus top, both honours. Morning – did Chemistry, tables etc. Afternoon – called on Benthams. Found them out. Had tea with Dr. B. and Mr Baker. Went to Adams and bought cooking utensils. Evening – could not do much. Felt unsettled. Looked up experiments.

Tues 12th

Hot day. Morning – dinner result out, all 1st class. I had 11 marks over. Feel so rejoiced and glad. Wrote letter card home. Early lunch. Then went to Chemistry exam. Did not care for paper. Evening – I packed and did no preparation. Paddy so excised over exams and quite ill. Letter card from Clara. My last night here. Cannot realise it. Breading exam tomorrow. Bed in good time.

Wed 13th

Holiday. Morning – quite closed box. Paddy and I did ‘notes of lessons’ before breakfast. Received post card from Mother. Had nice High Class paper. Notes of lesson of ‘Sole à la Rouennaire’. Tore home from exam room and had lunch. Paddy came with me in cab to Waterloo Station for 3 o’c train. Mother met me at Yeovil 6.4. Mabel returned from Birmingham. So nice to be home. Spent evening in garden and unpacked.

Thur 14th

Morning – busy putting drawers tidy etc. Did not go in kitchen. Afternoon – Band of Hope Union at Kingsbury. Long procession. Anita called. After early tea we 3 girls drove to Kingsbury. Returned for dinner. Saw girls of my Sunday School class. Called on Elizabeth and Hannah Locock. Wrote Paddy in evening. Susan here. I wrote to Meta Owen re: her Father’s death.

Fri 15th

Did a little in kitchen. Aunt Burchell arrived by 10.30 train. I went to Bennett shopping. Afternoon – Mabel and I with Mother and Aunt drove to Yeovil. I went with Mabel to Mr Helyar. She had teeth stopped. We then went to Penn and had tea. Looks there. Drove home in coach in time to meet 6.42 train. Janie and children came with nurse. Ada went to prayer meeting. Spent nice time in garden. Then strawberries.

Sat 16th

Holiday. Father in bed poorly. Un for lunch. I went to Yeovil shopping. Saw about muslin dress for Sissy’s wedding. Rosewarne arrived 1.30 train and I returned from Taunton by same train. Afternoon – went to Ham Hill for tea with children. Home 7 dinner. Sunday School lessons.

Sun 17th

Mr Farthing preached twice instead of Mr Bloye. I glad to take my class again. Stanley left for Camp by 6.30 train early. Afternoon – practice of hymns for anniversary. Miss Mole with us. Very, very hot day.

Mon 18th

Tues 19th

Morning – busy in kitchen. Winton and Bert arrived by 1.38 train and stayed with us. Afternoon we went to Ashfield garden party. Over 50 there. Rather slow affair and not enough food. Caterer supplied refreshments. Evening – had tennis with Winton, Bert and Rosewarne. Then went to Ashfield after dinner and watched boys playing billiards on new table.

Wed 20th

Played tennis whole of morning with the 2 boys, also again in afternoon. I beat Winton in a single. After tea we went for a drive and returned home over Ham Hill. Janie and children went to North Curry for day to see Pearce’s. Evening – had more tennis. No time to do tracts. Grad discussion in evening and Winton and Bert finally decided to accompany us to Totues tomorrow. Bed early.

Thur 21st

Went to Totues with Bible Class. Mather, Father, Mabel, Winton, Bert and I. Train left 6.25 and returned 11.45 at night. Ada, Janie and children stayed home. Windeatt so kind to us in every way. Took steamer from Totues to Dartmouth. Had 6 meals during day. A group taken of Mabel with her class. Father had near shave of an accident in the evening when getting out of train and fell and dragged.

Fri 22nd

Passed Chemistry with honours!! Felt tired. Breakfast 9. Then had tennis with Winton and Bert. They left by 11.58 train. Edith Dyke, Ellen Chenhalls, Howard Chenhalls and wife here for day. Mother and Mabel called at Brocksmount in afternoon and saw Sissy’s presents for wedding. Wrote Dunn’s re: their Father’s death. Anita called in afternoon. Showery. Evening – Mabel and I went to prayer meeting. Bade Mary Jane goodbye.

Sat 23rd

Mother and Father left for Hull by 9.18 train. I in kitchen during morning. Wrote Camerons and Annie Trew. Ada’s and my muslin wedding dresses for Sissy arrived. Ethel Burton came by 6.42 train. Rosewarne came home.

Sun 24th

Hot day. Mr Rowe preached twice. Stanley returned from Camp in afternoon. Miss Mole with us. Mother and Father at conference. Fathers birthday.

Mon 25th

Topsy had 4 kittens. Cloudy and overcast. Close and thundery in afternoon. Morning – I made cakes, turned out bedroom and played tennis with Mabel against Ada and Ethel. Also beat Ethel in a single. Afternoon – we drove to Burton, we 3 girls, Ethel, Janie and children. Anita and Gwen went too. Had tea there. Returned for dinner. Evening – Sunday School anniversary practise. Wrote letters.

Tues 26th

Morning – drove into Yeovil and did a little shopping and went up to Penn and saw Aunt who seemed down. Mabel and Ethel went to Hendford for lunch. I returned home. Afternoon – did tracts. Mildred came from school by 3.12 train. Looks well and is grown. Very, very hot. Evening – tennis with Stanley, Rosewarne and Ethel. Evening – bed early. Wrote Miss Price.

Wed 27th

Awfully hot day. Morning – made chocolate cake. Cut out silk blouse. At 1.30 left in wagonette for Sissy’s wedding at Stoke. We girls wore muslin dresses. About 130 guests there. Everything a huge success. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Sissy left at 4 for Montacute station. We left about 5. Refreshments grand. Costumes lovely. Returned and got meal ready for 9 Morris who turned up in evening. They enjoyed being here. Ethel Burton went with us to Stoke.

Thur 28th

Rosebud turned up from Penn. Ethel, Ada and I had tennis. Afternoon – Mildred, Ethel, Rosebud and I drove to Thorney and had tea there. Rosebud saw to unpacking boxes. Saw old Mrs Taylor who is dying. Called on Mrs Willy re: Mildred’s dress. Ada and I went to singing practise.

Fri 29th

Ethel, Mabel and Mildred went to Milborne for day. Ada and I busy home. I did cooking. Afternoon – Ada and I drove into Yeovil. Had tea with Lily. Saw Rosebud there. Lily so ill and bad. Went up to Penn. Saw Aunt, children, Johnston’s and Aunt Bessie. Went into kitchen garden. Prayer meeting.

Sat 30th

Morning – in kitchen. Afternoon – Winton arrived 3.12. Dora and Mr Briggs 4.20. Stanley went to Cardiff. Afternoon – we went to Ashfield for tennis. Mother and Father returned from conference about 8.30.

Sun 31st

Mr Bennett in morning, Fred Yandle at night. Sunday School anniversary practise of hymns. Houseful of visitors. Received news from Annie in Macclesfield.


Mon 1st

Wrote Infant. Lovely day. Morning – the visitors played tennis. Ada and I cut sandwiches. At 11.30 started with 2 carriages and 3 on cycles for Cadbury Camp. Carriages lost way and got there long after cyclists. Lovely spot. Had lunch and tea there. Home 6.30. Tennis. Dinner 8. Sunburnt.

Tues 2nd

Morning – played tennis. I in kitchen. Rosewarne, Briggs, Winton, Mabel and Ethel Burton went to Taunton for cricket match. Ada called on Ina. Ada and I did our tracts. Ethel acted in strange way re: our invite to North Curry. Ada and I vexed. Evening – practise of hymns. Wrote Seba.

Wed 3rd

Rosewarne returned to Bridgwater. Lovely weather still. Tennis all day. I played ever so many sets. Afternoon all Penn people here to tea with Rosebud and Gladys. Annie Thomas and Miss Hart from Brocksmount here to tea. Evening – Mr Bennett preached. I took pew rents. Heard from Mrs Fox. I have passed 1st class Physiology and Hygiene.

Thur 4th

Morning – busy making up sweets and sewing bags on jacket. Afternoon school treat. No procession. All went off well. Our visitors helped to entertain. Mother went to Bridgwater. Winton left by 8.7 train and was sorry to go. We are dead tired in evening. Fine day no rain. Wrote Pollie.

Fri 5th

Breakfast 8.30. All tired and not feeling up to much. After much talk decided to go to Seaton. Made sandwiches in haste. Drove in 4 wheel. Ada, Ethel and Mildred cycled. Left here 10.30, arrived Seaton 1. Had lunch on beach. Walked to rocks then over cliffs to Beer. Had tea in Dolphin. Returned to Seaton, some drove, Mr Briggs and I walked. Home 9. Ada’s cycle punctured. Brought back cycle in carriage.

Sat 6th

Unsettled weather. Morning – I taught Dora and Ethel how to make chocolate cake. Afternoon – boys and Mr Briggs went to Ilchester for cricket. We spent lazy afternoon. Fred Nicholson here to dinner. Bed early. Heavy rain in afternoon.

Sun 7th

Sunday School anniversary. Mr Bloye twice. His farewell service. Rev. Summer in afternoon. Wet morning. Fine for rest of day, chapel full at night. Singing went very well. Mabel in bed with bad throat.

Mon 8th

Mabel still in bed. Doctor in 3 times. Telegraphed to Benthams to say she was detained. Rosewarne left for Bridgwater and travelled by night train to Falmouth. Rev. and Mrs Harris and Mayor Lavington here for day. Wet and showery. Torrents in afternoon. Had tennis between showers. Ada wrote Benthams in evening. Mabel much worse and can’t be bridesmaid for Tregear.

Tues 9th

Telegraphing re: Mabel. Ada went up instead. Got off by 1.12 train. Dora and Mr Briggs left by 1.58 train. I in kitchen most of morning. Poor Mabel very low and greatly disappointed. Afternoon – Ethel and I drove into Yeovil. We went to Hendford and had tea with Lily, Alfred and Kate. Then went to Penn to find all out. Returned in time for dinner. I read to Mabel in evening.

Wed 10th

Received news from Ada. Mabel still very bad in bed. Mother went to Coke Villa re: Mr Cook coming in for papering etc. Ethel and I went 11.58 train to Atheley and there met by carriage and drove to Mrs Dick Morris. Had swell lunch. Called at Guyon House. Had nice time and left in afternoon. Got here by 4.32 train. Mildred went to picnic Anita giving at Montacute. Funny conglomeration of people there. Mabel still bad.

Thur 11th

I very busy in kitchen making chocolate eclairs etc. Ethel left by 11.58 train. Mildred saw her off at station. Afternoon – Mabel got up for a bit. I did my tracts after tea till dinner time. Heard from Ada. It seems strange to be without visitors. Hot day. I had long talk with Mabel in her bedroom in evening re: N.T.S.C. and other children’s classes.

Fri 12th

Again very hot. Made cakes and did flowers. Mabel got up for lunch. Her head very bad still. Called at Ashfield in afternoon and found all out. Mr Bennett here to dinner. Evening – I went to prayer meeting. Very few there so I had to conduct it and we were out early. Father and I went out in orchard picking up apples before dinner.

Sat 13th

Little music after dinner. Exceedingly hot. Spent morning in kitchen. Mr Bloye here for lunch and tea and to bid farewell. Ada returned from London by 4.27 and had lots of news to give re: wedding. Mabel still very poorly. Anita Branstone and Miss Cox in to dinner. Latter a fearful girl.

Sun 14th

Hot day. Rev. Summer in morning and Mr Patten at night. Mr Nicholls of Crewkerne drove over Mr Wetherill’s brother to take Bible Class. I had nice time with my girls. Evening – talk re: Stanley’s house and preparations for it.

Mon 15th

Stayed up reading late ’41 years in India’ G. Roberts and finished 1st volume. Very, very hot and sultry. Made cakes. Went calling up Hinton. Afternoon lay down. At 4.30 Ada, Mother and I went to Dr. Patricks’ to tea. Met Mrs Symons and Miss Huttenpot there. Spent very pleasant time indeed. Had exciting game of croquet. Rosewarne and Gladys Dyke arrived by 1.58 train to stay for day or two. Anita Branstone and Miss Cox called over in evening. Mabel improving.

Tues 16th

Mabel and I went to Seaton. Drove to Crewkerne dropping Mother and Ada at Coke Villa on the way. Secured rooms at ‘Fry Cottage’ at top of Forge Street after much trouble and bother. Mabel felt very bad and poorly. Morris girls down for day with Lily and Kate. Latter in rooms near Beach Hotel. Evening – sat on pebbles with them and talked. Bed early.

Wed 17th

Mabel’s birthday. Annie and I gave her the ‘Egoist’. Spent very bad night in stuffy little room. Mabel got no sleep and secured a room with Mrs Skinner afterwards. We sat out on pebbles and read all day. Afternoon joined Lily and Kate opposite Beach Hotel. Had letters from home, also letter from Paddy. Wrote home. Tennis tournaments on. Lived out of doors all day. Room too tiny to stay indoors. I paddled. Aunt Annie and Madge down for day.

Thur 18th

Fearfully close. Again on pebbles in morning. Afternoon and all evening terrific thunder storm. Flower Show at home spoilt. Rain came down in torrents. Mabel and I had to sit in our little bay window and watch people returning from tennis tournament drenched. Read a great deal. Evening – went for walk down to Lily and Date’s rooms to have a chat.

Fri 19th

Lovely day. Anita Branstone and Miss Cox down for day. Morning – we went out boating. Kate ill and put ashore, then Miss Cox ill and landed at Beer with Branstone. Mabel and I then left alone in boat. Caught no fish. Big swell on. Evening – sat out till late on seat, Mabel caught a chill. We went for brisk walk to rocks and back by road. Bed. Mabel had camphor.

Sat 20th

Mildred’s birthday. Got here for dinner 7.30. Returned home by 5 train. Very, very hot. Mabel and I went out boating towards Landslip. Returned at 12.30 to find Mother, Camerons, Mildred and Beatrice there. Lunch. Afternoon – met Dykes and Penn party who came down to stay in lodgings. Mr Dyke, Came4rons and I walked over Beer cliffs. Evening – Beatrice and I went to Ashfield.

Sun 21st

Awfully hot. Heat fearful. Mr Hawker in morning, Mr Cameron at night. Ada bad in bed. Beatrice took her class. Mr Cameron had bible class. Aunt Bessie and Mr Look here for tea and service. Evening lovely summer lightening. Stanley at Cardiff. Rosewarne home.

Mon 22nd

Fair day. Cattle etc. in streets. Mother at Coke Villa. Mr Cameron read Isabel Carnaby to us.

Tues 23rd

Clara and Tregear arrived by 6.42 train in evening. On their honeymoon!!! Great excitement. White flowers on table etc. Mother at Coke Villa all day. Fair people still about. I went up to Hinton in morning and called on Sally Pittman who has returned home from London ill.

Wed 24th

Afternoon drove out in 2 carriages. Ada, Clara, Tregear and I in 4 wheel. Mabel still poorly.

Thur 25th

Clara and Tregear went to Cardiff by 9.18 train. Mr and Mrs Cameron left by 10.38 train. I saw them off at station. Mother and Ada at Coke Villa. Mabel still very poorly. I did my tracts. Afternoon Mother, Father, Beatrice, Mildred and I all drove to Matheray. Mr Whittleton preached. Evening – Public meeting, Father in chair. Enjoyable time.

Fri 26th

Clara and Tregear returned from Cardiff and Winton arrived by 3.7 train. I made cakes etc. Claudia and Maggie Smith in for tea and tennis. They left before dinner.

Sat 27th

I cooked in morning. Annie Williams came by 6.42 train which was very late. Morning – we had plenty of exciting tennis. Evening – we heard Thorney people had arrived at Thorney. Beatrice still here also Winton, Tregear and Clara.

Sun 28th

Mr Weatherill preached twice. Tregear took Mabel’s class. House full of visitors. I had long chat with Tregear round garden in the evening. Mother and Ada went to Taunton.

Mon 29th

Mabel still poorly. Morning – tennis with Winton and I beat him twice. Also had some good doubles. Afternoon – had intended going to Burton but weather prevented. Had tennis between showers instead. Aunt Martha called and had tea. Evening Annie Williams, Beatrice and I walked round Ash and Stapleton. Evening – music. Fire in breakfast room 1st time.

Tues 30th

Hot lovely day. Morning – cooked and then tennis. Afternoon Mother and visitors drove to Chinnock. Ada and I went visiting. I called on Sally Pittman and Agnes George. Mr Helyar came to see Mabel and stayed to tea.
No more entries after this date except….


Sat 22nd

Returned to N.T.S.C. Met by Paddy.