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The George Inn,Owners and Occupiers
Using Census Returns 1841 to 1911, the 1840 Tithe Map Kelly’s Directories, and other Trade Directories.

1840 Tithe Apportionment

Samuel Sly is listed as both owner and occupier of The George. It is possible that he owned a long lease from the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, who owned the Rectory Manor, centered on The Treasurers House.

He also rented a 3 acre allotment in East Field from Lye the baker, 2 acres of orchard from the Adams family of The Lawn and over 6 acres of meadow in Bearley from Mrs. Chaffey of Moorlands House, 11 acres in all. His land holding is what you would expect,

growing wheat for bread, barley for brewing oats and grazing for post horses and perhaps apples for cider.

1841 Census Church Street, Martock (ref. HO107/951/1/24/2):

Name Age Profession Place of birth
Samuel SLY 36 Publican Somerset
Ann 20 - Som
Elizabeth 8 - Som
Anna SMITH 20 - Som
James JEWELL 60 Yeoman Som

In 1813 a new road was cut across the Blackdown Hills, which created a much faster route from London to Exeter, the course of today’s A303. This saw a big increase in the amount of stagecoaches using the A303 route in preference to the A30, and both The George and the White Hart styled themselves as Hotels, and were much improved and enlarged.

By 1823 the large Assembly Room (the Princes Room) had been built to the rear of the George, with cellars under, and stables built

The 1841 census

The first that lists names, but census returns do not give exact addresses, partly because most houses did not have house names until the 20th century, and were simply known by the name of their occupant. Only their county of birth is listed until the 1851 census.

The job of the Census enumerator was always complicated, as it is today, by people who give deliberately wrong information, or who talked unclearly, or who did not know the proper names of the people living in their own household.

Ages are given to the lowest for those aged 15 and upwards. Thus those aged between 15 and 19 are given as 15; 20 to 24 as 20,and so on. The actual age should be given for those aged under 14 years". Thus, Ann Sly and Anna Smith are both given as aged 20 but could have been 20, 21, 22, 23 0r 24 years of age. This is sometimes confusing when looking at child members of the same family when is appears that there may be twins, triplets or even quads in many families! In this case, you might ask if Elizabeth Sly is the daughter of the 20 year old Ann, or a much younger sister of Samuel. James Jewell is most likely retired from trade, and a boarder at The George.

The 1861 Kellys Trade Directory

A Samuel sly is listed as a farmer. In the 1866 Kellys Trade Directory of Somerset, Samuel Sly is listed as a Carrier, running a service to Yeovil on Tuesdays and Fridays.

1848 Hunts Directory of Somerset

Thomas Symes pays to be listed as publican at The George. He may be related to John Sues, listed as a Lodger at The George in

The 1851 census

1851 Census Church Street, Martock (ref. HO107/1930/35/15):

Name Position Status Age Occupation Date of birth Place of birth
George PIERCE Head U 28 Inn keeper 1823 Mosterton
Ellen Sister U 21 Housekeeper 1830 Mosterton
Alfred Brother U 23 - 1828 Mosterton
Mary Ann PATTEN Visitor U 25 Dress maker 1826 Chinnock
John SYMES Lodger M 48 Yeoman 1803 Martock

1861 Census

1861 Census George Farm, Church Street, Martock (RG09/1642/25/3):

Name Position Status Age Occupation Date of birth Place of birth
Mary J. INDER Head M 29 Inn keeper 1832 Kingsbury Episcopi
William B. Son U 6 - 1855 Martock
John Son - 4 - 1857 Stoke Sub Hamdon
Hannah B. Daughter - 2 - 1859 Stoke Sub Hamdon
Henry Son - 1 - 1860 Martock
William BROWN Brother - 76 Railway agent 1785 Kingsbury Episcopi
Ann LAWRENCE - U 17 Servant 1844 hardington, Somerset
Jane PIPE - U 15 Servant 1846 Martock
Eil ALLEN Visitor U 19 Ostler 1842 South Petherton
George LOVEMORE Visitor U 35 1826 Illegible
George CARROLL Visitor U 35 Commercial traveller 1826 Amsterdam, Holland
Thomas - Visitor U 38 Commercial traveller 1823 Walsale, Poland
Henry DACOSTE Visitor U 18 Commercial traveller 1843 Plymouth
Charles SAWLE Visitor U 18 Commercial traveller 1843 Ilchester
Charles HOPKINS Visitor U 16 Commercial traveller 1845 Sherborne
Ann CABELL Visitor U 30 Traveller Milliner 1831 Sheffield

In 1861 we see the George in full swing as an Hotel with people from Sheffield and Amsterdam staying on the night of the Census.

The Landlord at this time was Simeon Inder. He is not entered in the 1861 Census anywhere in England, but his wfe Mary is found at The George. A descendant of Simeon Inder who ran The George 1859-66, today lives in Martock. She tells us that Simeon came from the Fleur de Lys in Stoke sub Hamdon, and in 1866 went to London. He also employed an ostler, and himself ended up in the goods transport professions. Eli Allen is presumably engaged in Simeon’s trade. After the arrival of the Railway in Martock in 1849, all the stabling facilities at The George, hitherto used for post horses for the London to Exeter stagecoaches, lend themselves to different uses. Ostling being one multi-use, succeeding proprietors of The George engaged in many different professions, beside running a Hotel and Public House. In Bragg’s Directory of 1840, Simeon Inder is running the Butchers Arms in North Street.

1866 Kellys Trade Directory of Somerset

John Bennett Cox, George Inn. Also a saddler and Harness Maker, and agent for the Queen Fire and Life Office (Insurance Company).

Simeon Inder Junior, perhaps son of Simeon of The George, is a carrier, agent to J.C.Wall, who was himself agent to the Bristol and Exeter Railway.

A New Year tradesmen's ball at the George Inn was a regular feature by 1864.

Western Gazette Fri 05 Jan 1866

MARTOCK. The annual farmers' and tradesmen's Christmas supper took place at the George Inn on Thursday, when about forty-five sat down to a most excellent spread by Host Cox. Mr. Simeon Inder occupied the chair. The evening was most agreeably spent,

1871 Census

1871 Census Church Street, Martock (RG10/2414/27/3):

Name Position Status Age Occupation Date of birth Place of birth
George BARTLETT Head 35 Inn keeper, The George 1836 East Chinnock
Eliza Wife 34 - 1837 West Coker
Herbert W. Son 1 - 1870 Martock
Sidney Son 7m 1871 Martock
Ellen WAREY Cousin 20 Dressmaker 1851 Yeovil
Mary BRIN Servant 27 Domestic servant 1844 Not known
Mary A. TAYLOR Servant 14 Domestic servant 1857 East Chinnock

George Bartlett is listed at the George Inn in the 1872 Morris Trade Directory, and at The George Hotel in the 1875 Kellys Trade Directory

1881 Census

1881 Census The George Hotel, Church Street, Martock (RG11/2391/25/2):

Name Position Age Occupation Date of birth Place of birth
George BARTLETT Head 46 Hotel Keeper 1835 East Chinnock
Eliza Wife 46 1835 West Coker
Sydney Son 10 Scholar 1871 Martock
Mable Daughter 6 Scholar 1875 Martock

1883 Kellys Directory

George Best, George Hotel, Church street.

1889 Kellys Directory

Mrs. Emily Rather, George Hotel, Church Street.

1891 Census

1891 Census George Hotel, Church Street, Martock (RG12/1897/22/2):

Name Position Age Occupation Date of birth Place of birth
Emily RATHER Head 49 Inn keeper 1842 Llopen
Sarah GAYLARD Servant 15 General servant 1876 Martock
Charles BEALER Son 29 Grocer 1862 Rampisham, Dorset

1894 Kellys Directory

Ernest Chant, George Hotel, Church Street.

Charles Beater, shopkeeper, Bower HINTON (SEE 1891 census above)

1901 Census

1901 Census: Church Street, Martock: (RG13/2299/22/1):

Name Position Age Occupation Date of birth Place of birth
William E. CHANT Head 35 Publican & baker 1866 Stoke under Ham
Hannah Wife 35 Bar attendant 1866 Tintinhull
Frederick E. Son 6 - 1895 Martock
Charles S. Son 3 1898 Martock
Alice M. BROOKS Servant 14 General sevant 1887 Stoke under Ham
Thomas BAILEY Servant 14 Bakers apprentice 1877 Stoke under Ham

The Chant family continued as bakers until the late 20th century at what is now called The Old Bakery in Water Street, and in Bower Hinton.

1911 Census

1911 Census: The George Hotel, Martock, Somerset (RG14PN14394/RG78PN869/RD309/SD3/ED2/SN93):

Name Position Age Occupation Date of birth Place of birth
William E. CHANT Head 45 Publican 1866 Stoke under Ham
Hanna Wife 45 1866 Odcombe
Charles L. Son 13 School 1898 Martock

1914, 1919,

1923 Kellys Trade Directory

Jesse Rossiter, motor garage and George Hotel, Church Street. From which we presume Jesse installed the petrol pumps against the front wall of The George. In 2011 the bases of these pumps are still there.

The parents, William and Rosina, were born in Bath and Martock respectively. They came to run the Nags Head, where one son and daughter, Joe and Win took over from their parents.

Mrs. Rosina Rossiter, beer retailer, East Street (Nags Head).

1931 Kellys Trade Directory

Jesse Rossiter, George Hotel, Church Street.

Joseph Rossiter, beer retailer, East Street (Nags Head).