East Street Houses

19 East Street.

Owned by the Brice family, who had a shop there. Sold up in 1963, bought by Robert (Bob) Clarke of Madey Mill for £1,800, who sold everything except the land and some barns to Jack Boon for £1,800. Boon went bankrupt. French people started bra cup business, then bought by Michael Stocker of 33, Water Street. He developed the barn behind the roadside one into two flats. Bra business closed 1999, factory converted into two houses, roofline lowered. Still retains 14th century mouchette window in west gable

East Street drove

Houses built by Jack Boon in the freezing winter of 1963, the locals thought they would fall down. Sold for about £3,000 each. (from Phil Clark)

Madey Mills.

EW Clarke came there in 1937. Rent from the Symes Trust. Symes’ daughter Margaret married Gordon Pearce. Symes owned Coat farm, where son John Pearce lives there now. Pearce owned a lot of land around.