The following is an incomplete list of what the Group owns.  please ask us if you'd like to borrow any of them, our only request being that you don't lose it!  Ring or email Will or Fergus.


From Flax to Factory, Flax and Hemp in South Somerset’s History, S A Buchanan, SIAS, 2008. Contains a lot of info on the Parrett Works and William Sparrow.

Perfectly Pure, book on Somerset Breweries by Mary Miles, SIAS

Somerset Roads, SIAS

Water supply in Somerset SIAS.

Old photos of Stoke sub Hamdon, published by their history group.

Perfectly Pure, a directory of Somerset brewers. SIAS, 2006

Somerset Roads, history of the Turnpike Trusts etc. SIAS


Somerset Archaiology and Natural History Socity newsletters and annuals.

Somerset Industrial Archaeology Socity bulletins, many mentions of Parrett Works

1934 Harry Hebditch catalogue.


Photocopies of all Kellys Directories 1842-1939, all tax lists, lay subsidy 1327, 1542 etc.

Sir Mervyn Medlycott’s transcription of all known tombstone, graves and monuments in the various churches and churchyards of Ash, Martock and Long Load

Aerial photos of Martock, various dates.

Photocopies of all 19th and 20th century Directories of Martock.

Copies of early tax returns eg 1327 Lay Subsidy Roll.

Collection of photos relating to Wm. Sparrow, iron founders.


1841 Somerset census

1672 Visitation of Somerset (list gentry pedigrees)

1623 Visitation of Somerset (list gentry pedigrees)

193* Kelly’s Directory of Somerset

1830 Pigott’s Directory of Somerset

1873 Return of Owners of Land in Somerset

Directory of Somerset

1792 The History and Antiquities of the County of Somerset, by John Collinson.

Bites & Queries for Somerset & Dorset (misc. old records of interest.

3 oral recordings by James Crowden of people in Wambrook.


William Sparrow’s water diviner.