Next meeting

Tuesday 24 September

John Smith returns by popular demand with a fast moving and interest-rich talk on domestic Roman life in south Somerset. He’ll talk of their houses and how they evolved during their stay here. John dresses up in costumes, this time he is bringing a lady’s costume recreated from one found petrified in a waterlogged rhyne – watch out! He will also bring new revelations about why the Romans really left Britain.

The Martock Local History Group

We are based in Martock, Somerset and meet monthly for lectures on local historical topics. We also carry out research into the history of Martock, its inhabitants and local archaeology.

What's new on the site

Manor house and farm, behind the White Hart. Includes the Old Martock Fire Station - PDF file

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Martock Post Box

There has been a nice article written on the local post office rare post box.

Second World War bombing decoy site

Link to the Somerset HER record for the "Starfish site". There is a button on the web page to get a map of the site location.

There is also a 2nd World war radar station in the record.